The Doubts and Benefits Surrounding Putting Vaseline on Face

If you don’t know what Vaseline is, you are either not from this planet or are born today. It is a skincare hack that has been passed on generation after generation. You will find a bottle of it in every women’s vanity case. Be it for medical purposes or routine skincare, this product has to be there. From vaseline on face and eyes to vaseline on hands and feet, and even lips and baby cheeks, this petroleum jelly is everywhere!

But what’s astonishing is only a few people question its use? No doubt it has many pros. However, whether is beneficial at all times remains a mystery and is quite questionable? It is something you, my dear girl, should also ponder on! 

To make it less bothersome for you, we have thoroughly dissected it and have presented our findings below. We even went one step ahead and visited top dermatologists to verify these facts. If you are eager to find out what we unlocked, then read along.

We discovered some obvious things like the commonly known benefits, but we also discovered a few not-so-well-known cosmetic advantages. Apart from all the goodness, we also found drawbacks (yes, this potent jelly has its limits).

We have mentioned all of it here (leaving nothing to the imagination):

Using Vaseline on your face

The Benefits your Grandmas can swear on:

Both the beauty brigade and skincare community have an affinity for Vaseline and it holds merit. Even your grandma will confirm that this petroleum jelly was a hero in her times, and she will swear by its miracle properties. Well, it’s an obsession that has solid reasons behind it. That is why it has become a trend these days, and slugging vaseline on the face has become a new IT? 

Here are some genuine reasons why people are ready to morphe into human versions of a slime:

The boundless properties of vaseline as a moisturizer

You can find numerous anecdotal stories about Vaseline as a miracle moisturizer. However, it is not just any old-timey cosmetic miracle that found graces with 90’s stars like Marilyn Monroe. Instead, it’s an eternal skincare item that persists in modern-day trends as well; thanks to its never-ending hydrating features. As a result, even the FDA has given it an all-clear as a moisturizer.

This oil-based product has proven itself to be a potent jelly because of its crucial ingredients. Made from a combination of soft natural waxes and mineral oils, it moisturizers better than the rest of its substitutes combined. In addition, the hydrocarbon agents within it form an oily film over the surface of your skin to seal in moisture. This prevents more than 98% of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and helps in keeping your skin super soft and hydrated.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Creating a physical barrier to heal and protect in one go

After reading this, you will solve the mystery of your maa applying vaseline on your wounds. The same oily film that locks in moisture above does the tricks on your cuts and scrapes too. It creates a barrier on your skin and protects exposed areas from harsh elements such as pollutants. This way, your facial wounds are protected from further damage and get to heal correctly in isolation. Ahh, but there is more. 

The healing power isn’t limited to just wounds. The mineral oils in vaseline help your face recover from irritation as well. In addition, it has soothing features that reduce redness quickly and leave a calming effect on your skin. That is why our mothers always keep one handy and use it as a soothing balm for cuts, burns, and redness. Mothers know best (Rapunzel style). So, never question its healing properties as vaseline has been there for 140 years and will continue to reign for another century or 2.

Say goodbye to dehydrated and flaky skin 

In addition to its healing powers, vaseline on the face is a champion at revitalizing dehydrated skin too. So if your skin is flaking or peeling all over, slug it up and experience the healing wonders yourself. You will see your face plump up into a notably hydrated and softer version in just one night. Use it regularly, and your skin will be happier-looking and ultra-soft in no time.

So, the slug life is real, and it goes beyond first-person anecdotes. You will find more than one dermatologist that appreciates the much-needed hydrating features of vaseline. From the American Academy of aesthetic medicine to FDA, everyone approves of this evergreen petroleum-based jelly. 

Vaseline on your face

An all-around pro that can outrun all others

This inexpensive classic has been a fixture in our closets since the 1900s. But with so many new products hitting the market, one might think that vaseline for face domination shall fade. However, with upcoming slathering and slugging, the trend is quite the opposite. 

Instead of replacing this old-school stuff, ladies worldwide are kicking out other cosmetic brands (fancy names) which don’t work an inch. So, in short, this multi-tasker has replaced a dozen beauty products in a pinch. It is not just the super inexpensiveness but the results that are making vaseline a top-liner in cosmetics.

Newly discovered cosmetic benefits 

Most beauty products have hidden side effects; Vaseline, on the other hand, has hidden benefits. These are not very well known; thus, they have been overlooked by your grandmas. There are reasons why this petroleum-based hack has transited from medical cabinets to cosmetic cases. 

We have seen a rising trend in dermatologists recommending it for routine skincare for the past few years, and we were baffled. Then we unveiled the secret and found out the numerous benefits of vaseline in the beauty department. Here you go:

Applying Vaseline before bed

Lip balm that rejuvenates the core

With increasing dryness in the atmosphere, our lips become dry now and then. Gone are the days were soft, pouty lips came naturally. Furthermore, putting on glosses and varying lipsticks damage lips even more. But the good thing is there is one solution to rectify all this damage. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips now via vaseline!. 

Yes, this oil-based product quickly repairs dry-out lips too. Its hydrating and moisturizing properties go beyond skin and can protect the most delicate feature of your mouth too. The best part is it works in all seasons and protect your lips against all sort of contaminants. So be it cold wind or hot sun now, you can have pouty lips on the run. Moreover, as it is free of flavors and scents, you can apply it without getting an allergic reaction.

Eyebrow grooming and styling with one tool

We know bushy eyebrows can be a hassle, but trying to comb them with mascaras and makeup brushes only makes them more savage. So if you are tired of making your eyebrows look as good as your entire face, then why not try vaseline. We came across this neat trick just about a year ago, and we can’t stop ourselves from sharing it. 

By applying a thin layer of vaseline, you can deal with all those rough hairs in one go. The waxes in petroleum jelly will smoothen them and keep them in place for a long time. Moreover, they make the eyebrow hairs soft and flexible so that you can style them in any way. Arch them high or bend them low; you can groom them like a pro. Lastly, the bushiness will fade away in the long run, and vaseline will permanently transform them into perfect celebrity-like brows.

Vaseline face mask

Healthy skin after makeup; a dream come true

You won’t find many newbies in the makeup arsenal using vaseline because, in the beginning, it’s all about big brands. But if you look in deep, many renowned makeup artists who have been in the game for a long time use vaseline. They don’t believe in fancy makeup removers. Instead; they suggest using petroleum jelly as a better-off substitute. 

This is because the oils in vaseline thoroughly wash off excess makeup without damaging the snake. They gently dissolve almost every form of makeup, especially around your eye area, where other makeup removers are harmful to use. In particular, vaseline excellently removes waterproof mascara while keeping your eyelashes intact. In addition, the barrier effect of Vaseline removes all the particles and then seals the skin to lock moisture, giving you fresh skin vibes even after using makeup.

The anti-Aging property takes the trophy

This property was the last to be discovered, and many ladies still tend to overlook it. They will spend thousands of bucks on small vials of anti-aging serum while this potent anti-ager sits idle in their case. It’s high time you accept that vaseline indeed is an all-natural, time-reversing skin product.

When used regularly, it can prevent forming of fine lines and wrinkles. Secondly, as it is odor and chemical-free, it replenishes skins cells without causing any side effects. Lastly, the hydrocarbons in this jelly rejuvenate skin by sealing in all the goodness, thus slowing down the entire aging process. So Vaseline is a perfect way to renew your youth while keeping your pocket intact.

Vaseline for Face Wrinkles


After reading the never-ending list of benefits, you might think vaseline is some magical serum. But as we mentioned earlier, there is a limit to these benefits. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t end here. Like every coin has two sides, so does vaseline, and that’s why we dissected it in the first place. 

We were very curious to know whether it is a girl’s best friend or not? And alas, we did find some cons (but a product got to have a few drawbacks, or it’s fishy). Admit it you must have found some too. The features that we found a bit overpowering and on the negative side are:

Breakout and acne can be keen to pop out

As mentioned a thousand times before, Vaseline helps seal moisture; but what was not mentioned is that it can trap oil and dirt too. As a result, the American Academy of Dermatology experts warns that overusing it and not applying it on pre-cleaned skin can cause breakouts.

Moreover, people who already have acne-prone skin should stay away from it as its oils may aggravate the blemishes and pimples. Even though Vaseline is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores, still in your best interest to not apply vaseline on your face if you have oily or sensitive skin. The greasy feeling that Vaseline leaves may not suit you!

It’s not a sunblock, nor can it be used for after-sun care

Vaseline is an occlusive product which means it forms a protective film on your skin, but that doesn’t give it sun-blocking properties. The seal it forms can only retain moisture and can’t protect you from sun rays.

Moreover, it is not to be used as an after-sun care regime. Vaseline can worsen sunburns by preventing sweat and heat from leaving the skin, thus hindering the healing process. So don’t go slathering vaseline on your face right after a sunbathe.

Psoriasis and Rosacea (skin conditions that Vaseline can aggravate)

According to 2016 research, applying vaseline on the face itself is not a source of severe allergic reactions. Even less severe allergic skin reactions are rare. However, anyone who already suffers from Psoriasis and Rosacea should keep vaseline at bay.

This is because these skin conditions require proper treatment and petroleum jelly is not a go-to solution. So if skin redness, soreness, itching, swelling, and inflammation are common for you, then visit a dermatologist immediately rather than self-medicating with Vaseline. Instead of helping you out, petroleum jelly can aggravate these even more. 

Bonus: Three Ways Vaseline Hacks to Save Your Skin

Applying vaseline should be compulsory when it comes to your skin. Moreover, we have gathered three different vaseline hacks for you. 

Rescue Your Cracked Heels

If you often carry cracked and flaky heals, this hack is right for you. Thus, you can get rid of those rough flakes with a bout of vaseline in no time. Simply apply any brand of petroleum jelly on the areas which are rough.

Once you’re done applying petroleum jelly, grab a pair of socks. You need to wear these socks and leave them on overnight. Consequently, this will help the vaseline to stay in place.

Additionally, it will moisturize your skin much better, thanks to the incubation your socks provide. Next, you will be able to lock in moisture for the rest of your day by leaving it overnight.

Makeup Remover Hack

It’s okay if you run out of makeup remover because you can make your own vaseline makeup remover. Since it has enough moisture and is lipophilic in nature, vaseline on the face can dissolve your makeup efficiently.

Hence, you don’t need to worry if your makeup is waterproof since that has nothing to do with vaseline. Moreover, it can even remove stubborn eyelash glue with complete ease. 

However, once you are done removing the makeup, you must wash everything off thoroughly. This is because you risk clogging your pores if you leave the jelly on your skin. 

Salvage Your Perfumes for Longer

If you are only using vaseline as a moisturizer, it’s time for an upgrade. This is because the condiment has a lot more to offer. Hence, you can even use it to elongate the scent of your favorite perfume.

Now, we won’t lie. Most perfumes barely last an hour. However, you no longer need to spritz excessive amounts of your favorite scent. Therefore, no more frequent refreshers, thanks to vaseline.

For this hack, you must simply apply sufficient vaseline to your wrists. Next, spritz the perfume, and you’re good to go.


Is vaseline good for all skin types? 

As with all beauty products, Vaseline is also not a one-size-fits-all. All and sundry cannot use it, and neither can it be used in every circumstance. Generally, Vaseline gets a green signal for most skin types, but you need to tread with caution if your skin is sensitive. 

Moreover, it is only those who use it regularly and in small amounts that benefit the most. Slathering isn’t good for any skin. Lastly, we recommend vaseline for ladies with normal or dry skin and on minor wounds or eczema.

How and when do I apply Vaseline to my Face? 

If you’re ready to try out vaseline, it’s pretty straightforward. Just apply a thin layer of Vaseline on freshly cleaned skin while it is still damp. We usually recommend it after a shower as your skin is the purest then.

Another option is to use vaseline on your face after your skincare regime. Using it as a final step here will help seal in all those rich minerals of your expensive products and produce optimal results. Lastly, you can also apply Vaseline to your face before going to bed; this will restore your skin’s natural amount of moisture throughout the night, resulting in a softer face when you wake up.

How do you shop for Vaseline?

As for shopping, if you want a good old-school vibe, then Vaseline Healing Jelly which comes as cheap as $4, is an excellent place to start. But, if you want a more sophisticated product that is less heavy for the skin, then go for dermatologist-beloved Aquaphor.

Aquaphor products are more specialized and include more variety. Finally, if you feel like really investing in your skin ad have lots of cash to spare, then go for the ultra-luxe Crème de la Mer, which comes with heft benefits and a heftier tag of $325. In short, you can shop for vaseline and reap skincare rewards with or without keeping your bank account intact!

Does Vaseline darken skin?

Technically, vaseline doesn’t have any chemicals which can cause the skin to darken. However, there can be two explanations if you notice your skin shade is changing after continuous usage.

  1. When you apply Vaseline to your face it takes its due time to absorb in your skin completely. Therefore, in the meantime, it could react to something in the environment. Consequently, you might notice a darker skin shade.
  2. Secondly, vaseline has a sticky nature. Therefore, after continuous usage, many oils and dirt can deposit on petroleum jelly. Accordingly, these deposits can become a part of your skin. As a result, your skin might turn dark.

However, other than this, vaseline doesn’t cause natural skin darkening.

Does Vaseline help with stretch marks?

Is there something this petroleum jelly can’t do? Yes, vaseline does help your stretch marks heal. Moreover, a 2013 study stated that this condiment can keep post-operative wounds moisturized yet pathogen-free consecutively. 

Consequently, stretch marks are also injuries. Therefore, it can help moisturize them and heal them over time. Thus, you should try massaging your stretch marks in circular motions to help your marks heal.

How to get Vaseline off the skin?

You can simply wash this condiment off with water and soap. However, you will have to work with your hands a bit to rid yourself of this oily jelly. 

Nevertheless, properly washing the skin’s surface with soap will do the job efficiently.

The Takeaway

Yes, vaseline is no longer limited to small secretions on lips and cheeks. Instead, it has become a holistic face essentially. It sounds gross, but some females are smearing it all over their faces, and not even in tiny amounts. They are dipping their face in it with the goal of healing, moisturizing, hydrating, and whatnot. 

All of these things do hold true but to a certain extent. So, our advice is that the benefits of vaseline deserve applause, but don’t overdo it. It would help if you weighed both sides and looked at your skin type and condition before applying it. It’s not like we don’t recommend vaseline for the face (we are big fans ourselves), but we prefer to apply a thin vaseline layer rather than load it up.

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