Achieving The Timeless Audrey Hepburn’s Makeup Look

Beauty and Makeup have significantly evolved over the years, and there is continuous innovation according to the trends and time. The transition from thin eyebrows to pink natural lips and cheeks is part of the change. However, the classic look of Audrey Hepburn’s beauty tips and makeup is still relevant. 

Audrey Hepburn is undeniably one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood. Her roles in various movies like Sabrina, Roman holiday, and My Fair lady were no less than brilliant. However, one of the most sought Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look among women is the iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If you are an Audrey fan, you already have an idea of how salmon pink lipstick caught everyone’s attention. Makeup enthusiasts went into a deep discussion to decide the shade and maker of iconic salmon pink lipstick.  

Different makeup artists are coming up with ways to create Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look and recommending products that can create the perfect look.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the how-to of this simple look with the right products. 

Prep work 

Every canvas needs a primer for the artist to unleash his masterpiece. Hence, an essential step before recreating this look is to prime your face. The primer will “optimize” your skin surface for the makeup to stay longer, look vibrant, and mattify any large pores or minor blemishes. Options can vary from drugstore makeup products like Nyx’s studio perfect or Tatcha’s silk canvas primer. 

However, your skin type comes into play here. If you have oily skin, it is recommended to go for primers that have a brightening effect and add minimal moisturization. Women with skin types on the drier spectrum may try a brightening and moisturizing primer for a glowy finished look. 

Now, it’s a five-step process. Here we are guiding you step by step to prime the skin perfectly.

  1. Cleansing:

    First thing first, never apply a primer on uncleaned skin. Cleanse it well to remove all the dirt and residue from your face.
    Basically, you can use any cleanser to exfoliate and clean the pores. Therefore, you will observe a visible change after cleansing your skin. Its texture will turn smooth, and its appearance will become pink and plumpy. 

  2. Apply Water-Based Serum:

    Next, apply a water-based serum to your clean skin. You can essentially hunt for a serum with hyaluronic acid as a constituent. The serum will hydrate your skin and makeup will settle the best.  

  3. Moisturize:

    Moisturizing is the most under-estimated and unvalued step. I say this because hydration is essential to make your skin appear young, fresh, and dewy. Thus, going with the perfect moisturizer will save your skin from aging and give you an ideal appearance.
    You can choose the one according to your preference. However, my personal favorite is Cetaphil’s moisturizer which goes with every type of skin.
    So, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your face and give it 2-3 minutes to absorb well in the skin before going ahead to the next step.  

  4. Apply Sunblock:

    I cannot emphasize how important it is to apply sunblock on your face before applying Makeup. Whatever you plan to do with your skin, never skip this step. However, it is a misconception that people skip it for night events.
    SPF is essential to protect your skin from any damage and slows the process of aging. You can use either chemical-based sunblock or mineral-based; it should serve the purpose.  

  5. Priming:

    Now is the time to apply the primer after doing the steps mentioned above. Apply the one according to your skin type to achieve the best results.

The Flawless Finish

To achieve a flawless finish, you have to color correct your skin. Color corrector covers the black and dark circles of your eyes. Moreover, it fixes the uneven patches of the skin. There are different colors for different skin issues.

If your skin is fair and has blue-toned spots, you can use a pink color corrector to cover them. However, if the blue spots are on the medium skin, the peach color corrector will hide them. The orange color corrector works on dark skin and conceals imperfections.

Yellow corrector evens the dark shadows on tan skin. If you have redness on your skin, use a green concealer to cover it. For the yellow tones, a lavender-colored corrector is a savior.

For achieving the no-makeup makeup look, the next step for your Audrey Hepburn makeup look requires a liquid foundation. For a vibrant look, it is best to choose a liquid foundation that is buildable and leaves a dewy finish. Make sure to select the one that is according to your skin type. Here is a guide for application:

  1. Apply the small amount at first. For this makeup look, we don’t need a heavy base. So, initiate with a bit of foundation and keep on adding according to the requirement. Apply the foundation at the center of your forehead with the dab motion as it requires the most coverage. Then, move on to the T-zone, areas under the eyes, nose, and chin.
  2. Applying the foundation in the right direction is very important. So, begin from the start of your face and then spread it to the neck and hairline. However, it is your choice to either use your fingers or a sponge. In any case, just keep in mind that you dont rub your skin. You have to tap the product on your face gently. If you are using your hands, make sure to wash them properly before applying the product. If you are using the brush for application, I recommend using a synthetic brush and applying the foundation in small gentle circles. In the case of a sponge, wash it properly before using it.
  3. If you’re going for a higher coverage look, you can always follow it up by applying a concealer to any problematic areas and dabbing it into the skin. Be careful to dab only on the skin and not drag it as it will result in harsh patchy lines. Use a lightly damp makeup sponge or a beauty blender and pat it across the face to even things out and achieve an airbrushed finish.
  4. The most crucial step is to set everything in, you guessed it, translucent powder. Get a big puffy makeup brush and dip it lightly into your loose powder. Before dabbing the powder on your face, make sure to tap the excess off. Translucent powder is used to give your face a slightly sheer finish and lets your Makeup last all day long.

Add Some Color And Brightness

The next step should be adding some tint to your cheeks to brighten your look and add depth to the skin. Use a soft, pink color to lightly blush the apple of your cheeks and the tip of your nose. Now, to achieve the exact same color, I will give you the following guide:

Start by applying a cream plum blush on your cheeks using your fingers. This plum base will balance the color, and the consistency of cream will conceal the powder that will use on it.

Then, use your fingers and dap the raspberry shade of Makeup Forever HD blush on your cheeks, and after that, use a large brush to dust off the rose-colored blush on it.

For this Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look, avoid using any dark contour or bronzer. However, if you are fond of using bronzer, I recommend Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It is known for its natural finish and will give you the same natural look.

For an added glow, use a fan brush to apply the highlighter on the bridge of your nose and the cheekbones. However, keep a light touch; we want to keep the look as natural as we can. 

The Cat Eyes 

The essential element of your Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look is the eyes. As quoted by Celia Burton, a London-based vogue makeup artist, “her almond eyes were synonymous with the winged eyeliner that adorned them, and the perfectly defined lashes that fluttered as she gazed through the window of Tiffany & Co, eating a croissant.” Today, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to Alberto Di Rossi’s secret to achieving the iconic cat-eye look.

Start by brushing the eyelid with a color similar to your foundation base using a fluffy brush. A light shade is going to help brighten the eyes and make everything even-toned. Then, blend in a beige-pink shade using a double-edged brush in the crease. This step will bring out the color of your eyes and add more depth. This next step is optional, but we suggest you do it because it ties the entire look together. Finally, lightly dab the eyelid with a silver shimmer to accentuate the look.

Now the most awaited part, for the classic Hepburn eyeliner look. With either a liquid liner or a gel liner, start by drawing a sharp line angled at 45 degrees from the end of your lash line. Next, drag the outer corner of the line to the inner corner of your eye, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Complete the line with the eyeliner stretched to the innermost corner of your eyes. However, as you move towards the outer corner of the eyes, make the line thicker. You can leave the eyeliner as is or add a wing at the end to achieve the classic cat-eye look.  

Volumizing The Eyelashes 

It is not Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look without luscious lashes. But, if you don’t have the option of using fake lashes, we have just the right solution for you. Start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler using a pulsing motion and gently moving up. Then apply your mascara, giving a few light coats and giving it 30 seconds to dry. After the drying process, apply a final layer of mascara, making sure your eyelashes don’t clump in the process. So, there you have it, the perfect lashes for your Audrey Hepburn’s makeup look and a tribute to Alberto de Rossi and his safety pin. 

The Thicker The Better 

Audrey Hepburn was known for her bold, bushy eyebrows. If you are someone with naturally thin eyebrows, you do not need to worry because we’re here to rescue you. First and foremost, use a Spoolie to comb and brush the eyebrow hair in one direction. Then using a thin brush dipped in brow wax in the same shade as your natural eyebrow color, gently start filling in your eyebrows where the hair is sparse. However, if you are someone with thicker eyebrows, use a Spoolie to blend and comb the eyebrow hair, and using an eyebrow pencil, lightly outline the eyebrows to create a sharp look. Make sure not to make your eyebrows too thick or dramatic for this look. 

Signature Lips

Audrey Hepburn’s lipstick was a combination of peach and pink. However, the exact color is not known. “Hand me my purse, will you, darling?” Holly says, interrupting Paul, “A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.” This scene brings the image to our mind of Audrey’s iconic lipstick.

So to get the perfect lips for this Audrey Hepburn makeup look, start by moisturizing your lips with any lip balm that adds hydration.  

Now, you have two to three options that will give you the nearly salmon pink color. Revlon’s pink in the afternoon is the top search when you look for this specific color. Other than this, you can go for Lisa Eldridge’s ‘Go Lightly.’ It will bring a similar color to your lips.

I will suggest you not directly apply the lipstick. First, outline your lips with a similar colored lip pencil. Then, fill the lips with the brush. This method will give a clean and classy look to your lips. 

 If you follow the instructions perfectly, there is no doubt that you will achieve that look. As you glammed yourself with Makeup, it is time to choose oversized sunglasses for yourself. To live the real Holly Golightly moment, make sure to stop at Tiffany’s for breakfast.

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