Most Prominent Summer Hair Trends 2024

Summer is the perfect time for fashion experiments because, in contrast to winter, the weather calls for outdoor activities and fresh air.

You can wear colorful clothes with various textures and compliment your fashion look with a stylish and modern hairstyle.

You can use your hair to make a statement, but this summer, boldness is redefined by many celebrities’ looks we see at the biggest events.

Spiky Buns

spiky bun

The 90s nostalgia is inspiring many 2022 looks. Both hair and fashion industries are replicating iconic 90s looks and giving them a slick modern touch. Spiky buns have also returned with a modern, greased-back look.

Many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts recreated this look in summer where many opted for two spiky buns at the back. You can achieve spiky buns with hair gel or hair spray.

Use hair gel to comb back your hair and leave a few hair pieces out. Spray the loose hair pieces to create spikes from one end of your bun.

Face Framing Braids

face framing

Charlie Demilio and Haily Bieber have styled the face-framing braids and it works for both dark and light hair.

This look also reminds people of the nineties hair beads style that allowed people to add hints of color around the face. This look is equally suitable for long and short hair.

To achieve this hairstyle, part your hair from the middle. Make two equal sections of hair from each side of the part.

In a simple hairstyle, you must be careful of the technical aspects of style. One such element is the symmetry of the braids. Make a braid from each section of hair and tie it with a clear hair tie.

Straight And Long


The trend of straight and long hair has always been in trend. It is a symbol of beauty in many cultures across the globe. Long straight hair came into fashion after the 1960s hippie movement. Long straight locks of hair represented the rebellion of the youth at that time, today it is a symbol of self-expression.

Celebrities like Cher inspired the long straight hair look in the sixties and today it is rejuvenated by current fashion Icons like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj.

It takes time and effort to grow long hair, which is why many people prefer to use human nano ring hair extensions for permanent long hair. Extensions are an easy way to get long hair.

You can use a hair straightener with glossy hair oils and serums to enhance the shine and reduce the texture of your hair. Of course, having strong, healthy hair before you even start this process is important so, if you feel like your hair could do with a little extra love, you could consider switching up your hair care products, and potentially even take a look at a Kintsugi Hair review or two to see if a supplement could be the key to unlocking your most beautiful hair ever.

If you want to have straight and long hair for a long time you must try tape-in hair extensions, but if you like long straight hair for a single night, you can use clip-in hair extensions.

Blow Dry Flowy Hair

blow dry

Instagrammers and TikTokers, inspired by celebrities and magazines, have taken charge of creating fashion trends.

One of the trends on this platform is blow-dried hair curling. The voluminous textured hair is favoured because of its modern and Instagram-able look.

To style your hair in a flowy blow-dry curl, you need a hair dryer, a round brush, and hair styling products. When your hair is wet, part it from the centre. Use a round hair brush and dry your hair away from your face. The flipped-out style of curls will add volume to the hair where it is necessary.

Slick Back Pigtail Braids


Pigtails are fun and easy to wear. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Veronica Ferraro have been seen in pigtails.

Part your hair from the middle of your head, and make sure that it’s straight and clean. Apply a hair oil serum to make it shiny and model-perfect. Tie two hair ties at the back of your part.

Tie the hair at the back of your ears near your neck to give it a laid-back slick look. Braid the pigtails until you reach the ends of your hair, and tie them with a clear rubber band.

Naturally Wavy


This summer, fashion lovers are embracing their natural texture. If you have wavy hair or curly thick hair, you can style them with hair styling products to look polished.

After washing your hair, let it dry without a dryer to get a natural texture. You can use styling mousse or natural texture sprays to enhance the crusty chic look of your hair.

Red And Golden Colours

red and golden

Summer always marks the height of lighter shades of hair in fashion. Kendall Jenner was seen wearing beautiful strawberry brown, copper-toned hair colours this year.

This took social media by storm, and ever since, many warm red-toned hair colours are inspiring summer fashion.

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