23 Stylish Short Haircuts To Add Fullness For Fine Hair

Lack of volume makes fine hair difficult to style. You have to use a plethora of products to get some volume and make the hair look presentable. The products lead to buildup in the scalp, which produces another set of problems. But what if we tell you that you do not have to use the volumizers and other products to get volume?

What if getting a haircut can solve the problem? Sounds exciting? It certainly is, so let’s take a look at some short haircuts for fine hair that would allow you to flaunt the fine hair.

What Is Fine Hair?

Fine hair and thin hair are terms that are often used interchangeably, but both of these terms describe different hair. Thin hair refers to hair with fewer strands, whereas fine hair means that hair strands have a thin diameter. People with thin hair do not necessarily experience hair loss, whereas the case is the opposite for thin hair.

What Does Fine Hair Look Like?

The typical diameter of fine hair is around 50 microns. If you break a strand from such hair and place it between fingertips, you would hardly feel a thing. Furthermore, fine hair is generally silky and smooth, which easily responds to heat styling. You may need products to add volume to such hair, but typically no styling product is needed to hold the hair in place.

What’s The Difference Between Fine And Coarse Hair?

As the names suggest, the fundamental difference between fine and coarse hair is thickness which in this case refers to the diameter. Fine hair has a diameter of about 50 microns, whereas the strands of coarse hair can get as thick as 120 microns. In addition to the diameter, both hair types respond differently to the styling.

Fine hair generally does not require a styling product to hold the style in place. However, coarse hair cannot hold a style without a styling product because of size and weight. Furthermore, fine hair dries more quickly than coarse hair because they are not as porous as coarse hair.

Because of the fine thickness, the fine hair does not have much volume and thus requires volumizers to increase the bulk. You also have to be careful with the choice of products because heavier solutions can weigh it down and disturb the style.

Conversely, coarse hair does not require volume enhancers because they inherently have more volume. You also have to moisturize them more frequently than fine hair because of their tendency to get dry. Coarse hair also easily gets tangled, and it almost feels like a part-time job to wash them.

You have to be careful with the choice of products for coarse hair as well. The products that moisturize and lock the moisture in are ideal for such hair types. Furthermore, coarse hair responds a bit late to heat styling, but because of its thickness, you can apply heat for a longer time without damaging it.

23 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

By now, you should know whether you have fine hair or not. And for those who do, we have compiled a list of haircuts that would provide the volume you always wished for. Let’s get to them;

1. The Tomboy Pixie

The Tomboy Pixie

The tomboy haircut represents the sexual revolution and the women’s right to any behavior and appearance. A proper tomboy pixie provides an edgy, androgyny, and carefree look that suits girls of all ages. Best part? It looks great on fine hair and is one of the easiest haircuts.

2. Wavy Pixie


When you want to go short but maintain a feminine touch, a wavy pixie is a way to go. It flatters your facial features and unleashes beauty, offering ease and comfortable styling. You must crop the hair right above the ear or beneath the chin and drape it with waves to get the perfect Wavy Pixie.

3. Brown Disconnected Gradual Bob

Disconnected Gradual Bob is a sporty yet fashionable haircut that suits anyone from young professionals to rockstars. It is achieved by shaving one or both sides and disconnecting them with the long hair. The crown should not be too long as well to provide volume. You would find this look very comfortable to carry and manage. Best part? No product would be needed to style this haircut.

4. Deep-Swept Bangs

Deep-Swept Bangs is a go-to haircut for women that have receding hairlines. You have to get the haircut such that it creates longer, straight-across bangs and a thinner side part. The choice of which side to trim is down to your preferences. Deep-Swept bangs increase the volume and offer a look that can be rocked in offices and parties alike. 

5. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob has made a long-awaited comeback and has become a go-to haircut for women with finer and short hair. It is the easiest haircut that shortens bob length and cuts into a bob to make it asymmetrical or uneven. Best part? It suits all women regardless of facial features and skin tones and does not need much maintenance.

6. Feathered Long Pixie

Feathered Long Pixie

Feathered Long Pixie is a go-to haircut for women who do not want to spend much time and money on hair maintenance. Wake up, run your fingers through the crown, and you are ready to go. You need to maintain a longer length at one side to sweep the bang to get this carefree yet fashionable look. 

7. Classic Curly Bob

Classic Curly Bob

Women with curly bobs? Look for nothing more and get yourself a curly classic bob. The sexy and carefree hairstyle improves the volume and flaunts your natural curls. You just have to figure out the shape of the bob that suits you the best.

Pick angled, inverted, A-line, graduated, or stacked based on your facial features and personal preferences. The biggest benefit of this haircut on finer and short hair is that it grows wide, adding more volume to the hair.  

8. Classic Highlighted Bob

Classic Highlighted Bob

Classic Highlighted Bob is for women who want to project class and elegance. You must get a standard bob haircut and use a volume developer in foil for highlights. The multi-dimensional effect can be achieved by changing the pattern of the foil.

But the most important part is separating the foils and using the dye. Rock this look in parties, clubs, and professional spaces, and witness yourself becoming the center of attention.

9. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

A Blunt Bob haircut makes women with square, heart or square-shaped faces look astonishing. It is a very popular hairstyle because of its lack of layers. You have to cut the ends of your hair straight, right below the jaw, to get this look. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest to manage yet customizable and versatile haircuts. 

10. Full Bang Pixie

Full Bang Pixie

Full Bang Pixie is an option that suits coarse and fine hair alike. You have to create deep bangs sweeping forward from the top. Slice the layers to get the best shape and control the thin hair. These bangs will cover up all the frown lines on the forehead and the receding hairline to project confidence. 

11. Shadow Root Bob

Shadow Root Bob

Grown-out and flicked roots no longer represent messiness or untidiness They have been picked up in the latest trends and have become one of the go-to haircuts for women with shorter and finer hair. While you can get shadow roots with any haircut, it suits the best with bobs on finer hair. 

It requires dark roots and lighter ends, but the key is to manage sharpness, which should be subtle. You should get a stylish gradient with blurred transitions to improve the volume and look fashionable. 

12. Classic Long Pixie

Classic Long Pixie

Classic Long Pixie projects sophistication and class, which suits the best to career-driven women. There is not much that goes into shaping the hair into this style. You have to blend the short and long choppy layers with a back undercut to get a refined and polished appearance.

The haircut does not require more than a moderate heat temperature for styling. Best part? You would also not have to spend much time or money on maintenance.

13. Long Bangs Pixie

Long Bangs Pixie

Long Bang Pixie provides that rockstar look that looks incredible on college-going girls. You have to shave the sides and maintain a bulkier crown to get this look. The hair should be swept from the corner to cover the forehead. Dye the hair gray to complement the look.

14. Contrast Layers

Contrast layers are quite popular in long hair, but they look just as good on short and finer as well. You can get this look on all sorts of short hair, including bobs and tomboy cuts. The important part is to create layers and dye them with contrasting colors.

15. Pointed Bangs

Pointed Bangs

Pointed bangs in this day and age? Nothing better for women who want to ooze confidence and own their personalities. These V-shaped or triangular shapes look fierce on the right face shape. Pointed bangs not only improve the volume but also conceal the entire forehead and any frown lines.

16. Tapered Pixie

Tapered Pixie

Mature women who want to live with a tidy haircut and feel maintained without putting much effort should try Tapered Pixie. It is the easiest haircut that leaves some length at the top and trims the sides. You don’t even need a comb to style it. Just run your fingers through it, and you are ready to hit the road.

17. Neat Pixie

Neat Pixie

Neat Pixie is a haircut that suits fine and thin hair alike. You do not need much volume to get a tidy and neat-looking pixie. The key is to maintain a subtle difference between the length of the sides and the crown. It should be such that the sides mix with the crown but should not extend below the ear. 

18. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie is the haircut for women who want to embrace their inner carefree spirit. You can get this look by leaving a decent length at the top and trimming or shaving the side. For parted pixies, shave one side closer than another. 

19. Layered Lob

Layered Lob

Layered lob is a bit longer than the traditional bobs and looks incredible on women with a lean physique and sharp facial features. You have to cut the hair to a length below the chin but above the collarbone. The haircut will improve the volume and flaunt the collarbone to make you look sexier and more attractive.

20. Side Parted Pixie

Side Parted Pixie

Side Parted Pixie is popular among celebrities, making it naturally appealing to the audience. It looks incredible on coarse hair but even better on fine hair. You have to cut the hair short at the top and the sides. The length of the sides should be just a little longer than the crown for the perfect look.

21. Curly Ended Lop

What is better than a lop? A curly lop and thus it is back in trend for women with curly hair, especially those that have darker skin tones. The haircut looks very sexy, and the best part is its versatility. You can leave the hair long or fold it into a bun. Apply a dye on the ends to flaunt the curls even better.

22. Classic 20s Bob

Classic 20s Bob

Bobs have made a strong comeback, and girls of all ages are embracing retro styles. However, the class 20s Bob is still fairly uncommon and looks either more attractive or comparable to other haircuts.

You can get this haircut to stand out in the crowd and turn your attention towards you. Furthermore, even within this style, there are several iterations that can be picked based on personal preferences. 

23. Wedge Cut

Wedge Cut

The wedge haircut was at the height of its popularity in the 1970s, but the hype around it still lives in this century and decade. It best suits women with sharp facial features who want to maintain an elegant yet fashionable look. This cut has several iterations, but the best one has an A-shaped short line and an Asymmetrical crown shape. 

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