Four Must-Follow Rules of Winter Season Makeup

You can get away with wearing the absolute bare minimum amount of makeup and racing out the door in the summertime. You don’t need to touch up every few hours and everything is easy and light. Winter, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. We’ll check out some makeup guides to follow, as well as share some helpful tips on how to look your best this winter.

Moisturizing Tips

Winter can be quite tough on your skin, with the dry outdoor air, indoor heating, and low humidity. These all contribute to depleting moisture, making it critical to invest in an excellent moisturizer that works really well on your skin.

In the winter, dry skin can have a patchy appearance once you’ve applied your makeup. When you invest in a really good moisturizer, your makeup will glide onto your skin rather than cling to the dry regions. Another key element of this topic is understanding when to apply your moisturizer, which is immediately after a hot bath or shower, which opens your pores allowing the moisturizer to be absorbed easily.

Added bonus, since alcohol is known to dehydrate your skin, it is best to moisturize your skin once you awake and are ready to face the world after having one too many drinks. Then apply your hangover makeup to look presentable and pretend as though your head isn’t pounding.

Invest in a Good Cream Foundation

Compared to powder foundations, a cream foundation usually gives your skin a more consistent appearance. It’s crucial to apply the cream foundation carefully, as it can look uneven if done wrong.

In addition to consistency, it also gives good coverage for blemishes and discoloration on the skin’s surface. It’s suitable for dry skin and is therefore ideal for usage throughout the chilly winter months.

So why not use a liquid or powder foundation instead of a cream foundation? Excellent question.

Liquid foundation is runnier than cream foundation and usually gives less coverage. The powder foundation becomes loose throughout the day. But cream foundation comes in a more compact form and is much thicker and heavier than liquid or powder foundation.

color palette

Switch to a Winter Lipstick Colour

You’re probably wondering why you should switch up your lipstick color? It looks so good on you, and it took forever to find this shade that actually suits you. Well, what looks good on you in summer won’t necessarily look good on you in winter. Stick to the darker shades that complement your skin tone best during the wintertime.

For example, the glossy lavender rose lipstick looks way cuter in summer with your lighter shades of clothing and flourishing flowers than in winter. True red pops out better in the wintertime with the darker shades of clothing.

Find a Mascara That’s Waterproof

Waterproof mascara is not just a summertime hack for your eyelashes to look long and luscious while you go for a swim. It can be used during wintertime when eyes tend to have a thin cushion of tears to protect the delicate surface cells from the cold air. This results in you having watery eyes in winter.

Waterproof mascaras feature a long-lasting consistency that won’t smudge, giving you more time to enjoy life rather than dashing to the restroom for touch-ups. They also keep the curl of your lashes intact and prevent them from pointing downwards or straight.

Winter may be chilly and dismal, and all you want to do is keep warm indoors and hibernate like the bears. But when you have to go out, these few tips will ensure that you look fabulous even if you’re shivering.

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