What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline?

Pairing accessories with outfits is not as simple as it sounds! Accessories are meant to pull the whole look together and this is no easy task. Picking the perfect jewelry that matches the patterns, colors and design are already difficult.

To add to the complexity; necklines exist! Necklines are to be primarily followed before moving to other aspects of styling. Matching necklaces with outfits can be tricky but if you adhere to certain rules; styling your neckpiece won’t be a hassle.

First things first; figure out what you expect your necklace to do; is it supposed to be merely decorative or is it supposed to steal the spotlight. Is it supposed to amplify the look of your outfit, highlight your features or make its own mark?

Once you know the purpose your necklace is supposed to serve; you can move to the next important aspect; necklines.

You might have been in a situation where every neckpiece failed to go with an outfit. High chance the reason for the inconsistency was the neckline. There are many necklines, and finding the perfect fit and style such as Greek Fine Jewelry for each can be complicated without assistance.

We understand your difficulty, so we have gathered information to help you determine what necklace will go well with what neckline.

A. Boat Neck

The boat neck is the most common neckline. It is found in most generic t-shirts, tops, and dresses. The boat neck is such designed that it widens the shoulders; so, the right necklace should draw the eye inward and add length.

Long and delicate necklaces can go perfectly well with a boat neck. These are found with stunning pendants and unique designs. If you like sea animals; you might want to consider getting a necklace featuring one. Octopus necklaces are very trendy today as they have a unique design and take you to the deep blue seas.

B. Round Neck

Next to boat necks; round necks are common. When pairing a neckpiece with round necks like a crew neck or scoop neck, choose a necklace that is round too. Avoid V-shaped neckpieces with pointed pendants. Round necks can be broadly classified into crew necks and scoop necks.

Crew necks give the illusion of a fuller chest by shortening the neck. You can either use a short or long necklace depending on whether you want to create a full chest or avoid it. Use a short necklace to avoid it and a long one for the other. You can also use a necklace to create a sparkly collar on your crew neck.

The scoop neck emphasizes the collar bone. Paring a scoop neck with a short round necklace will make the collarbone more pronounced. Long necklaces also go pretty well with this neck type but care must be taken that the necklace should not hang lower than the neckline.


C. High Neckline

High necklines include halter and turtle necks; both of which create an upside-down V, narrowing the appearance of your shoulders and lengthening your torso. Halter tops add a slimming effect to your shoulders which makes V-shaped necklaces good to go since they also elongate your shape.

Turtle necks similarly look great with layered necklaces and long pendants since they draw the eye downward and away from the neck to avoid overcrowding.

D. V Neckline

V-necks should be paired with a necklace that creates a smaller V and falls neatly inside your V neckline since it narrows and elongates. If you choose a necklace wider and longer than the V-neck of your outfit then your necklace will rival your neckline.


E. Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline offers curves so choose a necklace that enhances those. A mid-length and wide round necklace will cover the bare skin and looks best since it leads the eye right to the heart of the neckline.  Avoid a neckpiece that has sharp angles since it will cause disruption and look blunt.

F. Square Neckline

Square necklines create an angular look that contrasts the natural curves of the body so choose a necklace that also has edges to amplify the look.

G. Collared Shirt

Most of us might avoid wearing any necklace at all when it comes to collared shirts. But remember there is a necklace for every neckline. Collared shirts have buttons down the center that embellish the shirt; which makes finding the right neckpiece challenging.

We recommend going with a simple and elegant necklace but you can also try a statement necklace and tuck it below the collars.

H. One Shoulder Dress

Choose to go bold if your neckline falls off your shoulder. A strapless or off-shoulder dress has sufficient space and can beautifully accommodate a statement necklace. Try and keep the necklace at a collar length so you don’t create two focal points that don’t blend.


Keep your outfit neat. Make sure the style of your necklace is congruent with your entire outfit. These rules will most certainly help you dress better the next time you leave your house.

Lastly, keep an open mind and never forget to try the uncommon. You might be surprised by what an odd combination offers!

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