16 Natural Ways to Get Full, Pouty Lips

Ever since Kylie Jenner and her signature pout broke the internet, fuller, pillow-like lips have become all the rage. Whether they’re trying to fit the Golden Ratio of facial symmetry or they’re interested in jumping on the bee-stung-lips bandwagon that’s taken social media by storm, women are scrambling to find a way to recreate the perfect Instagram pout. This is easier said than done because while some people are born with full lips, others have to learn how to make their lips bigger naturally or with syringes. 

Science tells us that people associate soft and plump lips with youth and social media has shown that bigger lips are linked to attractiveness, femininity, and sensuality. Therefore, it makes sense why one would want bigger lips.

More power to the women who prefer to go the more permanent route with lip fillers, injections, or implants. But for the rest of us who are just trying to keep up with the trend, there are easy and all-natural options that can give us (almost) the same results. 

They say the price to achieve Kylie Jenner’s iconic full lips must match the reward. They are wrong though because women are nothing if not excellent bargainers. Read till the end to find out how to make your lips bigger naturally using these simple, all-natural methods! Hollywood has been doing it forever, so why can’t we? 

Make your lips look bigger

1. Drink Water Regularly

We know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but water really is the answer to most of our problems. Chapped and lackluster thin lips are no exception. Dehydration sucks the life out of your lips and makes them dry and chapped. 

Water is important to maintain the health (and volume) of your lips and keep them looking fresh and rosy. Not to mention, water has been shown to increase the dermal thickness of skin, which basically means that it makes your skin (and lips) plumper. 

Make it a point to drink water throughout the day and you’ll soon see a difference. Good lips come to those who hydrate!

2. Enrich Your Collagen 

Unlike some of the ways of how to make your lips bigger naturally on this list, this method isn’t a quick or temporary fix. You can make your lips appear bigger in the short term, but if you want long-term results, you need to protect your lips against inevitable thinning brought on by age. 


Here’s where collagen comes in. Collagen supplements are considered somewhat of an anti-aging miracle pill by the skincare community, and they’re not wholly wrong. This ingredient can help you retain your full lips by maintaining moisture levels and dermal thickness, as well as supporting elasticity and reducing fine lines. 

3. Apply Sunscreen 

We can’t talk about anti-aging without talking about sunscreen. We now know that UV rays speed up the loss of collagen in our skin and also speed up skin aging. Also, as we mentioned, lips are already thin with age.


Luckily, sunscreen can help and allow you to maintain your luscious, full lips for as long as possible. Try to use a physical sunblock that has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as active ingredients, or just invest in lip products that have SPF protection. Trust us, your lips will thank you for it.

4. Put on Some Lip Balm

A little lip balm can go a long way in plumping up your lips and keeping them healthy, so you need to make this essential a staple of your skincare routine. Lip balms and lip oils moisturize your lips and add a little bit of shine to make your lips soft and smooth, which makes them appear bigger. Make sure you let the balm sit on your lips for a few minutes before you go over it with your lipstick or lip gloss for maximum benefits. 


Protip: Lip balms with ingredients like peppermint oil, cinnamon, and Hyaluronic Acid are the most effective, and we’ll get into why in the next few sections, so keep reading. 

5. Use a Lip Exfoliator

You know what they say, out with the old, in with the new. If you want to know how to make your lips bigger naturally, start using lip exfoliators regularly and you’ll get your answer. Lip exfoliators get rid of dead skin cells and improve blood circulation to improve the health and appearance of your lips. Apply the product once or twice a week and your lips will start looking fuller.


If you want to go the organic route, you can make your DIY lip exfoliator using just coconut oil and brown sugar. It doesn’t get easier than this! You can also use a toothbrush with Vaseline on top of it and rub it on your lips in small circles to stimulate circulation. Remember to moisturize after you exfoliate to protect the skin of your lips.

6. Apply Gua Sha on the Outer Corner of the Lips

Gua shas are typically used on facial skin to encourage lymphatic drainage and keep the skin fresh, but they can be used on lips as well. Well, not on them, but around them.


Take a gua sha with a ribbed or comb-like side and move it up and down on the outer corners of your lips. Don’t rub the lips directly as you don’t want to scrape the lips’ delicate skin. The movement of the gua sha will cause friction that will lead to a plump appearance and instant luscious lips. 

7. DIY Treatments

If you’re figuring out how to make your lips bigger naturally, you should get comfortable with DIY treatments. The following DIY lip plumping treatments work like a charm if you need to temporarily plump up your lips.

  1. Sprinkle a pinch of cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder into a tablespoon of olive oil and leave it on your lips for a few minutes before washing it off.
  2. Massage your lips with olive oil for 5-6 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
  3. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with clear lip gloss or coconut oil and apply them to your lips to boost lip circulation. The peppermint oil stimulates the lips by causing some irritation and swelling, creating plumpness. It may sting a little but beauty is pain.
  4. Mix a few drops of cinnamon oil into coconut oil or a lip balm (cinnamon oil cannot be applied directly to the skin) and apply. This will irritate the topmost layer of your skin and lead to swollen, plump lips. When experimenting with how to make your lips bigger naturally with cinnamon oil, it is important to be safe as cinnamon can cause contact dermatitis. Do a skin patch test beforehand to rule out an allergic reaction, and don’t do the treatment more than twice a week. 

8. Wear Makeup 

Continuing with how to make your lips bigger naturally and with relative ease, there are some tried and tested makeup hacks that you need to try, like, yesterday. 


The power of makeup can never be underestimated because it can take any canvas and produce mind-blowing art. With thin lips that may draw unnecessary attention, the key is to play with products that will use light and colors to control the attention. 

9. Apply Concealer

Concealer is important for smoothing out any blemishes or inconsistencies on the skin, giving you a smooth base to work with. When applying your concealer, bring it down over your lips as well.


You may look like the undead corpse bride at that moment, but the results are worth it. The concealer will smooth out the outline and contour of your lips, so you have control over your lip shape. 

10. Use a Lip Liner

Next comes the essential makeup product that makes its way in and out of trends, but always makes a comeback. Lip liners are your ultimate natural remedy for thin lips. You can use any shade of lip liner, and slightly overline above the natural lip line, top and bottom.


Don’t overdo it as it might clash with your features and look cartoonish. You can fill in your lips with the same liner or go over it with your favorite lipstick combo. A pro tip is overlining with a darker shade of lip liner, possibly in brown color, to imitate the natural contour of the lip. 

11. Apply Cream Contour or Contour Powder

Speaking of contour, we’ve seen the wonders contouring can make in bringing out your bone structure or even changing it. The same principle applies as you learn how to make your lips bigger naturally. You can use your cream contour or contour powder for this remedy, we’re not picky.

The idea behind contouring is to add a cool, dark shade to push back or draw attention away from a certain part of the face. Apply a very sheer and concentrated layer of contour above the natural lip line.


By doing this, you will effectively create a new lip line above the actual one, and give the effect of full, plump lips. Make sure to blend out the contour very well, we can’t let anyone know our secret!

12. Emphasize Shape with Highlighter

The opposite or anti-venom of the contour is a highlighter, which works to draw attention to and bring out areas of our face. We want that effect on our cupid’s bow, the little dip on our top lip. That will bring the contoured shape of your fuller lips together. Now that your canvas is to your liking, you can apply your lip liner and lipstick. 


13. Pick a Lighter Shade of Lipstick 

Another useful bit of information when learning how to make your lips bigger naturally is that the secret to full lips lies in the color of your lipstick. While a darker lip liner will give you a good outline, lighter shades of lipstick will make your lips look larger.


This is a lip tip that is sworn by members of the makeup community who love the Kylie Jenner lip look. Next time you’re going out, pick out a nude shade or light pink lipstick and apply that over your lips. Blend it out with your lip liner, and you might be amazed by how it makes your lips look bigger naturally.

14. Put Some Lip Gloss

One final makeup remedy you need to try is incorporating lip gloss into your lip routine. Some people are obsessed with the matte lip and others dislike the fact that it transfers. For people with thin lips, however, lip gloss can be a game-changer.


Using the same logic of playing with colors and light to control where the attention goes on your face, a clear and shiny gloss will work wonders. Apply it just to the middle of your lips if you aren’t a fan, or apply it all over your lips for a fuller effect. The light will reflect off of your lips, and bring out greater fullness from the middle of your lips, plumping them. 

15. Consider Using Lip Plumping Gloss

If the makeup hacks have you waving your white flag, and you feel like it’s too much work, we’ve got your back. There is an excellent middle ground between your normal thin lips and scary lip injections.

Those are the famous lip injection/plumping glosses. Plumping gloss was a game-changer for us thin-lipped folks when it was first introduced, and it remains one of the most effective options for naturally plumping up lips.


Now, fair warning, these can be hit or misses, because the brand and quality matter. There are some really good options available though, and the results are incredible.

Especially considering the ease with which they work, it almost seems too good to be true. You have to do nothing except apply the gloss and wait. On average, they can take between 5-10 minutes to kick in, but they are how to make your lips bigger naturally

16. Moisturize with Hyaluronic Acid

Questioning what kind of evil sorcery is going on in the lip-plumping gloss bottle? Well, the answer will surprise you. Hyaluronic acid has a cult-like following in not just the beauty community, but also skincare fanatics.

This one ingredient is famous for its quality that it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Added in lip gloss, it will have two great benefits. One, it will draw in moisture and plump the lips naturally. Secondly, it will do so by hydrating your lips, improving your lip health as well. 


The benefits of hyaluronic acid can also be obtained by using the product as a topical serum. This will moisturize and smooth the lips, and make them seem bigger. 

Protip: Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture but doesn’t retain it very well by itself. Pair the product with a balm that is oil-based or wax-based to hold in moisture in the long term and gain maximum benefits.

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