The Best Way To Apply Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

Hey there! Do you want to have a perfect natural eyelash vibe? You are at the right place! For a very legit reason, lash extensions are so popular these days, NO ONE WANTS SMUDGY MESSY MASCARA LOOK. I believe, like a bad haircut, the wrong application of natural looking eyelash extensions can completely wreck your appearance. This is why a natural-looking eyelash extension application is mandatory for a slaying sexy look.

Let’s see what is the best possible way to apply eyelash extensions that look natural and neat.

Key Elements Of A Natural Lash Look

  • Start with the research. It is very important to check the cord, length, diameter, and color of lash Extensions. Always look for organic hair and the most natural eyelash extensions.
  • If the lash is too long for your eye make sure to measure it with your eye and then cut a few hairs out of it. It will make them classic natural-looking eyelash extensions.                      
  • Before application, curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler, you can heat up the eyelash curler a bit with a hairdryer.
  • Use black or transparent lash glue sparingly. Let the glue be tacky before applying the eyelash extension to your eye.
  • Prefer to place the lash at the middle of the lash line and then adjust it with the corners of your eye.
  • Always conceal the lash line with thick eyeliner.

Choosing Eyelash Extension Style And Pattern

Anyone who had a terrible experience with lash explanations will confirm that it is not a one-size fits all case. So if you don’t want to have a negative eyelash extension experience then follow the following points, you will see noticeable natural-looking eyelash extensions before and after the results.

If you have almond eyes, I will recommend going for a more conventional C curl that is neither over curly nor too loose.  Those with hooded eyes should go for the curliest lashes available. The curliest lashes available are D/L and L+ curls. This more pronounced curl allows the eye to widen. 

If you have a rounder eye, I recommend you to go for a curl with the longest length near the mid-outer eye, similar to the cat style. Whereas, for downturned eyes, get your hands on forced cat eyelash style.

Classic vs Volume Lashes: Which Is Best For Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions?

Classic Natural Eyelash Extensions

The most frequent form of eyelash extension is classic lashes, which are used for more conventional and natural lash appearances. It’s ideal for achieving a plain and modest style, specifically if you don’t want to look fancy. So yes the classic natural-looking eyelash extensions set is ideal for achieving a natural look.

Volume Natural Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes are a more advanced eyelash extension. However, to get the best look out of them you need to have a good deal of practice and knowledge. In general, they are preferred over the classic version by those who have a pattern of using strip lashes. If you ask me, volume lashes are the finest option for making your eyes seem dramatic.

Lash Extension Styling For Natural-Looking Lash Extensions

Natural Sweep

The natural sweep style has shorter inner corners and adds length to the remaining lash line. This style will assist to lift and lengthen the eye.


Dolly style makes your eyes appear rounder and larger vertically. The longest lashes in the center of this pattern will lift up the eyes.

Feline Flick

This style has the longest lashes at the corner for a sleek cat-eye look. It looks more stylish with winged eyeliner. 

How To Make Eyelash Extensions Look More Natural

1. Length 

If you are thinking longer-length eyelash extensions will give you a natural look, you are wrong. To be straight, 2mm lashes would be more than enough for a natural eyelash extension look

2. Diameter

First measure your natural eyelash diameter, then go one to two points more. This way you will get the ideal natural-looking lashes. 

3. Curl

Match your natural lash curl with eyelash extension. If you have a C curl go for C or either CC eyelash extension curl. Too much curl will give you a showy look!

4. Color

This is obvious, choose the color of your eyelash extension the same as your natural eyelashes.

5. Material

For a more natural look, go for matte eyelash extensions. You can also go with silky eyelash extensions. 

Natural Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Can You Get Natural Lash Extensions? 

Yes, you can definitely get natural lash extensions if you choose the right extensions as per your eye type and look.

How To Ask For Natural Eyelash Extensions?

First, check what eye type you have then ask for eyelash extensions. Most probably, people ask for classic eyelash extensions because they give the most natural look.

How Long Do Natural Lash Extensions Last?

They last for about six weeks but you can also make them last longing if you take care of them with a good eyelash conditioner and brush.

What Are The Most Natural Lash Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions look the most natural when applied correctly. It is ideal for regular wear.

Do Classic Eyelash Extensions Look Natural?

Yes, class eyelash extensions look most natural as compared to volume and hybrid natural extensions.

What Size Lashes For The Natural Look?

Eyelash extensions with 2 mm in length and the same diameter as your eyes, giving the most natural-looking eyelash appearance.

Final Thoughts

So now you get how to get permanent eyelash extensions with the most natural feel. Always do your research and study your eyes, everything does not suit everyone. Eyelash extensions are supposed to seem consistent and natural.

The most natural look is provided by the classic set of eyelash extensions to your natural lash. Yet, while having lash extensions, lash health should be a primary focus since the base of your lashes increases the grip of your lashes.

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