The Top Minimalist Jewelry Brands for Every Price Range

Nothing attracts more than a subtle shimmer of gold lying across a collarbone. A sliver of sparkle teases the eye when someone turns their head. Minimalist jewelry is all about making a statement yet staying discrete. And that’s what makes it one of the best gift ideas for women (as well as men). 

Why Go the Minimalist Way?

Style statements do not have to be made through chunky brooches or popping pieces of redemption. If you are aiming for that modern yet chic look, consider the minimalistic jewelry brands mentioned below.

They let you stay sustainable and don’t carry extra baggage. Besides, minimalist jewelry is part and parcel of timeless clothing. You can sport similar pieces with different looks and still stay relevant to the party. The barely there concept of jewelry oozes class and is relatively affordable for day-to-day use.

The concept resides in outshining the features of the user. From a hectic day at the office to dinner in the evening, minimalism stays relevant. The design or color does not overcome your natural features.

Girl, you may be wearing a diamond ring, but it isn’t going to shine brighter than YOU!

Top 10 Brands Offering Dainty Jewelry

Following are the top minimalistic yet affordable jewelry brands. They offer minimalistic jewelry that won’t get in your face.


    Mejuri jewelry is an everyday jewelry brand. This brand will surely satisfy your needs if you are into sustainable celebrations.

    Who said giving jewelry was a tradition only to be upheld by men?

    The jewelry brand offers pieces for him and her. Mejuri believes in ‘mutual empowering .’They focus their minimalistic ideas on creating exquisite options for both genders. They centralize on 100% sustainability and guarantee product traceability.

    It is all about the damn diamonds!
    Mejuri jewelry

    They have mastered with the finest jewelers to craft the ‘oh so perfect diamonds .’The masters exploit recycled gold, 18k Vermeil, Sterling Silver, and authentically sourced AAA-Grade Gemstones to deliver statement minimalistic pieces.

    As for warranty, they have your back for 2 consecutive years after the purchase date, given that no modifications are done to the original product. Their product comes in a wide variety depending on the type of product.


    Missoma laid its strong foundations in 2008. This jewelry brand is known for its chic, affordable yet high-quality accessories.

    What’s the hype about the sister?

    If you love layering your pieces, their collections are worth diving into. Their discipline towards their brand is quite remarkable. The brand promises 100% carbon neutral footprints. Moreover, their minimalistic yet versatile designs make it the one-stop shop for people harboring different trends.

    The sleek and stylish pieces can be layered and paired with almost all of the dresses in your closet!

    They help you build an exquisite yet minimalist jewelry box by enhancing your focus on all aspects of their services. Not only do you get a 2-year warranty, but you also get free shipping and return and can make payments through Klarna.


    If you want something in every budget, look no further, Queen! Baublebar has a knack for going minimally bold. Their sculptured baubles further define your features.

    Baublebar is one of the few affordable minimalist jewelry brands that don’t compromise on quality. Their classic Brass items are worth the hype. All they need is a little love and care. This is to avoid them turning green due to continuous use. Simply clean them with a warm wet cloth and take them off to breathe for some time.
    Baublebar jewelry

    Are baubles famous?

    Well, they have been showcased in top forums like Instyle, People’s Magazine, Business Insider, and many more. Moreover, Julia Roberts was seen sporting some fine pieces from their collections. This New York-based brand has been serving minimalism since 2011.


    If you want your soul upturned and weep tears of utter bliss, there isn’t a better minimalist jewelry collection. Simple in the purest sense!

    Pieces from Caitlyn Minimalistic jewelry look utterly dainty and precious. The craftsmanship is precise to the closest cut. Such is the minimalist design that they seem fragile to your touch, even your gaze.
    Caitlyn Minimalistic

    If you love rocking minimalist gold jewelry, Caitlyn must always be on your radar, ladies! They are known for their feather touch necklaces. Their necklace collection leaves you wondering what necklace to wear. As for affordability, you will find a wide range of prices on custom and pre-made pieces.

  5. SOKO

    If your soul is a wild minimalist yet yearns for architectural sensuality, Soko is your answer. Artisans hailing all the way from Kenya have put forward unique and dissimilar minimalistic collections.
    SOKO jewelry

    Minimalistic jewelry does not mean wearing plain gold chains! The bold yet timeless cut makes your features pop to the one who dares to take a gander. They are experts at recycling, which makes 70% of their products! Moreover, their pieces aren’t heavy on the wallet either.

  6. YOJ

    When talking about minimalistic jewelry brands, you cannot bat your oh-so-fake eyelashes away from this! YOJ has outdone themselves in releasing statement outbursts to subtle yet classy pieces for both Him and Her.
    Yoj jewelry
    They are the masters of featuring historical eras and showcasing understated pieces. Watch their curves! YOJ’s main aesthetic is letting the sculpturing V visuals take center stage. Since 2019, they have been working around curves and lines. They have developed collections that make such attributes even more appealing to the eye.


    Now, who doesn’t like a splash of color? No odious rulebook states minimalistic jewelry has to be in silver or gold. Who said it had to look like boring metal stamps with no striking features? Say no more! Daphine is a minimalistic gold jewelry store. If you like minimalistic designs but with splashes of color in between, then it is your lucky day!
    DAPHINE jewelry
    Their main aesthetic surrounds bold yet simple and minimalistic designs. Often they tease such articles with a chunky piece of colorful stone that makes it pop out. Daphine is a London-based minimalistic jewelry brand on a slightly luxurious side. Apart from bold classics, they also have fairy pastels for you lighthearted folk. This brand is the embodiment of strong women with uncomplicated auras and near-perfectionist ideas.


    All the Rocky’s out there who love to give their accessories a tough time, listen up!MadebyKWest is a brand that you can take out on adventures. This brand focuses on resiliency and accessories that last a long time. Your constant love and attention will not wear this bad boy out!
    MADEBYKWEST jewelry
    If you love to travel or refuse to separate from a cherished minimalistic accessory, this brand is quite the right choice. Their collections make you want to pack up and unravel the world together. These collections include; Earth, Continent, World, and the Travel shop. If you are a queen of expensive tastes, best explore the world of MadebyKWest.


    For ladies with an expensive taste looking for well-thought sourcing and impactful designs, come hither! This handmade minimalistic jewelry store will make you feel pride through its collections. But utilizing recyclable products and traceable sources of materials, this jewelry store has all its bases covered.
    BARIO NEAL jewelry
    These Gold Fairmined certified jewelers deal with textured hand bands, hammered bracelets (literally!), enamel ear studs, and pendants. When it comes to weddings, they are here and Queer! They excel at making custom requests for women’s and men’s minimalistic jewelry. If you treasure a family Heirloom, they will be sure to revive or spruce it up on demand. This ethically-minded jewelry line focuses on sustainably sourced jewelry stones.

  10. NISOLO

    If you are a fan of interlinks, wire bends, or geometric designs, Nisolo is quite the contender. They not only excel at nailing the modern and minimalistic look. They also know how to match the curves and make them pop. Classic, Chic, and Curvy!
    NISOLO jewelry
    Nisolo’s artistic collections of simple yet eye-catching designs make the competition challenging for the other birdies. Simple band jewelry ain’t enough to make my heart flutter!

    Nisolo is a certified B Corp that ethically sources all of its materials. Not only are sources Carbon Neutral, but the working conditions at Nisolo are quite apt too! Their unique takes on classic pieces are what makes this brand so different.

Ending Remarks

Minimalistic jewelry is the in thing these days. Our top 10 minimalist jewelry brands make you look timeless, elegant, and classy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressing retro, modern, or combining it with a plaid skirt outfit, it will be YOU who’s going to be the center of attention. Many brands mentioned above retrieve their materials from sustainable sources and recycle much of their waste.

Minimalistic jewelry collections seem to be everywhere these days. What matters is their ethical backgrounds and wear-ability at the end of the day. We don’t want our sisters and brothers (equality YO!) to look tacky in sub-par jewels.

Beware though!

Minimalist jewelry may be a lot less hassle, but you must ensure its upkeep. Brass items go green if worn constantly instead of Gold or Silver. Just make sure you clean them on a daily bases, and you are good to go!

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