Incorporate Anti-Pollution Skincare into Your Daily Routine

Pollution has become a part of our lives. Those living in the cities face many health issues because of pollution. The skin is no exception and the effects of pollution have been damaging the skin. Pollution from vehicles, industrial waste and emissions, dust particles, pollutants from construction sites and even households have made the city choked with many ailments. When it comes to skin, we are your buddies, always helping you overcome the problems. Anti-pollution skincare is what you need to follow to keep your skin healthy and shining.

Let’s start with knowing the ill effects of pollution and learn the ways to keep the skin protected.

What are the harms of pollution on the skin?

Pollution has a manifold effect on the skin and some are daunting.

Dull skin

Pollution causes many harms to the skin and dull skin is the most common of all. It takes away your skin glow and makes it dull. UV rays make your skin suntanned and damaged, and dust particles and pollutants clog the pores, dulling the complexion.


Clogged pores make the skin infectious, increasing the chances of acne and breakouts. Acne and breakouts are common problems of pollution-exposed skin. What makes the condition worse is the resulting pigmentation and dark spots.

Premature ageing

Skin, when exposed to environmental aggressors and pollution, tends to be premature. The collagen reduces, oxidative stress increases, and melanin production accelerates, leading to early signs of ageing, like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and pigmentation.

These are the few significant effects of pollution on the skin. Other problems include skin infections and diseases, rough and dry skin, and irritated and allergic skin reactions. Fret not; these problems can be avoided or delayed with an anti-pollution skincare routine, which helps maintain skin health and keeps it youthful and glowing.

What is the best anti-pollution skincare routine?

An anti-pollution skincare routine is just like your usual routine, which asks you to follow some steps daily and inculcate a few ingredients to help the skin rejuvenate and make the effects of pollution ineffective on your glowing skin.

Cleanse skin daily

It is important to take off all the pollutants and dust from your face so that your skin can breathe. Clean your skin daily with a face wash, cleanser, or double cleansing to deeply clean the skin. When you step out of the house, your skin collects dust, smog, and other pollutants, which, when not removed from the skin, cause many harm to it. As you return home, wash your face, neck, ears, and back of your ears with a face wash for overall hygiene. You may also use a cleanser in your AM skincare routine to remove any residual or product build-up from last night’s skincare routine.

Moisturise after cleansing

The pollutants take away the nourishment and hydration of the skin, making it dull, dry, and dark. The loss of nourishment makes the skin look pale and flaky. Not only the pollutants but once you have cleansed the skin, your skin loses some of its natural oils that need to be replenished with the help of a moisturiser. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type for the best anti-pollution skincare routine. A deeply hydrating moisturiser is required for dry skin, whereas a lightweight moisturiser works best for oily skin.

Serums before bed

Serums are the magic potion for your skin that helps it rejuvenate and repair itself. They are made of concentrations that are curated to address specific skin problems. One such ingredient in a serum is vitamin C which helps the skin fight against the pollutants and also protects the skin from environmental harms. Start using serums as a part of your night skincare routine, as this is when your skin heals. Once your skin is habituated to the product, increase the frequency by using it in your daily skincare routine or increase the concentration as needed.

Sunscreen before stepping out

Sunscreens are your defence against UV rays that form a layer on the skin, shielding the skin from pollutants. The fine layer formed by sunscreen creates a barrier for the contaminants to enter the skin surface, making it a necessary element in your anti-pollution skin care. The skin is shielded from UV rays, protecting it against suntan, sunburn, and sun damage, which causes early ageing of the skin. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 usually works fine in the Indian sub-continent. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days and reapply every 2 hours.

Follow healthy lifestyle

This is stressed whenever the conversation is about well-being. Drink a sufficient amount of water, eat antioxidant-rich food, refrain from smoking or vamping, and exercise daily. It is also important to go out in nature and let your body heal naturally. Another way is to check stress levels and take around 8 hours of sleep daily.

Find the best products for your anti-pollution skincare routine with Lotus Herbals, which offers a range of products made of herbal ingredients. These ingredients are soft on the skin and do not harm it, unlike other chemical-loaded products. They also support the skin protection, repairing, and rejuvenation process.

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