How to Pick a Bronzer the Right Way – A Guide for Beginners

The secret to Sunkissed skin does not involve getting burnt from the brutish sun. You just need to know how to pick the right shade and learn to wear bronzer. 

Houston, we have a problem!

Picking the right foundations is hellish enough! A shade too dull or yellow already has us curling our fingers. Not to forget brands not bothering to issue a shade to match our tone.

But we battled through.

Forget contour schemes and caking patterns for a second. Instead, you need to focus on how to choose the right bronzer! Honey, we need equal pay and the perfect olive skin to go with it!

DemosByDina, on her Youtube channel, has a makeup video on how to pick/apply Bronzer & Contour!

Adios Skin Problems

A bronze skin tone doesn’t come easy. The sun isn’t worth it, and tanning parlors are a disgrace! Mismatched tans and risking skin cancer are so not worth it.

Sun has its advantages. The real damage begins when you sit long enough for the Ultraviolet light to pierce through and fiddle with your DNA. Applying bronzers saves you from all the hard work and health troubles.

Right Bronzer for your skin

Choosing the Right Bronzer

Well, you already are going through a tedious routine of looking presentable to society. So, from sunscreen to base and blush, you might as well add a step and save yourself from a near existential crisis.

Going Deep in Tones

Get to know the general rule of thumb.

The bronzer you choose must be a darker shade. Many makeup artists recommend getting a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. However, it is really easy to mess things up. You won’t end with a natural glow if you go too dark. Choosing a bronzer too dark will make your skin appear ‘dirty’ and unpleasant.

Your skin color is not the only thing that should be the center of focus when choosing a bronzer. The color of your eyes and hair also plays a significant part.

When choosing the best bronzer for fair-skinned individuals with blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes, their best bet is a sheer shade. Choose slight rose, beige, taupe or peach-colored tones. They make your eyes and features pop out more and add color.

When choosing the best bronzer for medium-skinned individuals, we always contort towards copper and earthy bronze tones. Bronzers for dark skin work well with shimmer chocolate brown or golden-brown shades. They achieve the required glow while maintaining your natural skin tone.

When learning how to pick a bronzer, the shade of your veins plays a significant role. If your veins appear blue, go ahead with cooler undertones. Otherwise, stick to the warmer side. If you still cannot decide, stick with natural, brown-based colors, and you are good to go.

Top 5 Bronzers

Keeping Up with the Skin Tones 

Every human being is different, and so is their skin. Your natural skin color has its way of reflecting off and reacting to light.

People with fair skin tend to be pink under the sun. So why should one invest in a bronzer when you have the perfect maiden skin? Trust me; nothing is worse than looking ghost pale.

Why do we ask you to leave out brown shades?

Bronzer for pale skin best lies in the lightest shades of bronzer any company has. If you lean towards golden shades, you might look like the forgotten cousin of Frankenstein.

What’s the best skin tone to suit a maximum number of bronzer shades?

Bronzers for medium skin tones can fit well with most shades. You can flaunt copper to earthy tones without it clashing with your color.

Where does it get tricky?

Darker skins don’t get to play around with many shades. Terracotta and chocolate hues fit best. However, many brands don’t consider going too dark on the pallet. The ones that do have darker shades have inconsiderate price ranges. You can add some flecks and a slight shimmer to enunciate features.

How many types are there?

How to Pick a Bronzer

Makeup knows no bounds, nor does the Bronzers. They come in cream to powder formulas, showcasing matte to shimmery finishes. 

Different formulas showcase different features. As for finishes, I always prefer the shimmery ones to accentuate high points of your face and shoulders. Light hits these points and results in the perfect dusky glow everyone yearn for. 

As every base or concealer is not for every other individual. The same can be said for Bronzers. Every person has a unique bronzer out there, with the perfect formula and consistency. Let’s all pray that the right brand never discontinues the product you adore! Many would know the pain. 

The right bronzer for you will be the one that sets in accordance with your skin type and makeup routine. This is because the different mediums cater to different results. 

You have to understand the three-set types of bronzers.

Cream Based

These often come in the form of sticks. It is best to get some product on your brush or finger and avoid gluing it to your face. They are quite easy to use with a foundation brush and blend blissfully. 

Cream-based Bronzers achieve a radiating finish look

Powder Based

The powders are the most popular as they are the easiest to apply. In addition, there are no set restrictions to brush or sponge uses, as both do the job.

Powder bronzers are great for oily skin as they soak up and stick in place. Moreover, powders come in a great variety of finishes too. So, if you have your heart set on a shimmery shade, go all out. However, do never mix up the cream with powders as it results in unattractive streaks.

You already have a mixture of a thousand things on your face. The wrong concoction will ruin your entire look.


Like other liquid tints (the infamous yet famous blush tints in the market these days), liquid bronzers are also tricky to apply.

You will require some practice to get the hang of blending the tint into your look. You will often face an Oompa Loompa in the mirror, though it shall pass.

All things said, these are great for people with dry skin. You can thin its application the most and apply it all over for an even tone.

Where do you put Bronzer on your face?

First off, you need to know of high points. These are areas of your face and shoulder structure where the light hits and reflects off.

These areas include your cheekbones, nose bridge, collar bones, sides of your neck, and the top of your forehead.

Get the right armamentarium.

To apply the bronze shade with perfect aim, get around a dense brush with a straight applicator surface. The high density and flat brush top aid in picking and deposition of product.

Your application method also matters to get the overall healthy glow from a bronzer. First, start where the sun hits your face. Then, go upwards and downwards after. This way, you will get an even layer of product on your skin.

Don’t shy away from using more than one shade. It always aids in adding depth. You must press your brush lightly into the product and tap the excess off. Remember, our primary goal is to embrace and accentuate our features. Not to color our skin another shade and hide out salient features.

Release the product on your skin with a heavier hand and start drifting it off. This way, you will achieve graduation in shades rather than having hints of round splotches all over your face. Again, we are not tapping the brush in; we are moving it away from us in a way that maintains the integrity of whatever makeup looks we have achieved so far.

What’s the difference between bronzer and contour?

The male species may find it hard to differentiate between different pallets on the vanity. However, let’s not get confused ourselves.

The main difference between contour and bronzer is the application method and its primary purpose. Contouring is to make your face seem defined and chiseled. It should make your cheekbones and jaw stand out. The bonier your face looks, the more contoured it is.

Contouring targets individuals insecure about their round or chubby faces. It makes you escape the shape of your face and redefine it to appear more drastic.

Bronzing your skin color means attaining warmth. Give yourself a much-needed healthy glow and even the mismatched patches out. You can either highlight your forehead or cheeks or go all out till your shoulders. Your imagination is the limit.

Can I use the same pallet for both?

Well, YES! Any color that matches bronzer shades can achieve either of the two tasks. Your body is your canvas, and it is up to you to be creative.

11 Of Our Top Picks For Best Bronzers

So now that you know all about the science behind choosing the perfect bronzer, here we give you our favorite bronzer picks this season.

Choosing makeup is a hit or miss. What may look best on us may not look so good on you and vice-versa. And this is the reason why we advise you to try a few bronzers before giving your heart out to that one perfect product.

The Best Low-priced Bronzer: Maybelline City Bronzer               

What if you want a tanned face but are too broke to buy a high-end bronzer? Worry not, because this Maybelline City Bronzer is your go-to. It is budget-friendly and has a fine pigment that will give you a seamless bronzed look.

The Best Cream Bronzer: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

You can always trust a product from Chanel. They are among the best in town, and their makeup is to die for. This gel-cream bronzer will glide onto your skin like butter and give you that perfect tanned look you are searching for. This Chanel Bronzer will ease all your bronzing troubles though a little expensive.

The Best Powder Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Crema bronzers are not everyone’s cup of tea. They only go well with drier skins. And this is why for people with oily or combination skins, a powder bronzer is a suitable choice.

This Bobbi Brown bronzing powder is super lightweight and offers an attractive tan hue. You can brush it over your eyelids and cheeks to give you that perfect summery tan.

The Best Liquid Bronzer: Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint

Talking about the best cream and powder bronzers, let us not forget the third and last type of bronzers – the liquid bronzers.

You can mix liquid tints into your moisturizer or foundation to smoothen blemishes or give your face an overall subtle bronzed look. This bronzing tint is vegan and mineral-based.

The Best Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Bronzer

As we discussed before, the proper selection of a bronzer also depends on your skin color. Even though this Charlotte Tilbury bronzer comes in multiple hues from fair to deep, however, this bronzer looks the best in darker tones.

The Best Bronzer For Fair Skin: Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

The striking factor is that this product is all vegan and uses only plant-based ingredients. Moreover, the Gucci Westman line is famous for its unique textures and formulas. Likewise, this bronzer also does not fall short of all the praise.

Even though it offers an array of hues for all skin tones, we believe it is the perfect bronzer for fair-skinned people.

The Best Bronzing Palette: Smashbox The Cali Contour

If you have just started stashing on makeup and are an avid fan of bronzers and shimmery highlighters, this palette is for you.

Palettes are naturally more convenient since they offer multiple products in a single package. For example, this Smashbox Contour palette offers you four warm-toned bronzing powders and two really stunning highlighters.

The Best Bronzer For A Healthy Glow: Dior Forever Natural Bronze

If you are not a fan of that heavily tanned look, consider giving this product a try.

The Dior Forever Natural Bronzer gives you a warm tan and a healthy glow. It uses mineral pigment, so it feels very light on the skin.

The Best Matte Bronzer: MAC Matte Bronzing Powder

For individuals with oily skin, putting on a creamy bronzer can ruin the entire look. Matte bronzers are perfect for such individuals. And this is why we have chosen this MAC f to be on the list.

Even though it is a powder bronzer, it gives a creamy outlook. This MAC bronzer goes onto your skin seamlessly without looking cakey and gives your skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

The Best Bronzer With Shimmer: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer

If you are someone who loves their bronzer giving that shimmery glow, then don’t delay getting your hands on this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer. It gives a subtle glow while giving a neutral, soft finish.

It is also one of the best bronzers for darker skins.

The Best Bronzer In Stick: Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Stick

This Fenty Beauty bronzer stick does a good job sculpting your face while giving it that soft tan. Along with using it as your bronzer, you can also use it to highlight your face. It is a product that suits all skin tones.

Final Thoughts: Do I really need It?

Before running off to Sephora, hold on a second. Face bronzers are a great way to accentuate your features. However, mismatching shades or messing up applications will only aid you in getting cast for ‘Annoying Orange.’ Bronzers are the best makeup for tan skin. They help even everything out and conceal flaws in skin tone, shade, and much more. 

So, that’s all for now! We hope the information provided in this article will help you choose the right bronzer for your skin tone. Thank you for reading and staying glowing!

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