How To Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid? All The Answers!

We have all snuck into the washroom in our teens and tried cutting our hair. We thought we didn’t need the hairdresser if we only had a pair of scissors, some style sense, and a whole lot of guts.

Often, the result was not that bad, and we liked it. But sometimes, we just had to find ways to cover up the disaster.

Adventures are therapeutic. But often, when they involve your looks, they can backfire. So while it is good to venture into the unknown, it is best to know the basics before taking that giant leap of faith.

Dyeing your hair at home is easy and dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid is easier. However, it is best to know the right way to do that before diving into the actual act.

How to dye your hair with Kool-Aid, you ask? Your wish, our command.

Read ahead because we have a comprehensive guide for how you can give your hair that salon-like oomph from the comforts of your home.

Can Kool-Aid Actually Dye Your Hair?


Well, yes, it can stain your hair. But stains are not like permanent dyes, and the color might wash off in a week or two.

Permanent hair color has a truckload of chemicals that penetrate your hair more and give your hair a better and long-lasting color. On the other hand, Kool-Aid hair dye will only be temporary.

It is a drink that has food-grade dye not primarily meant to dye hair; hence, the color might wear off soon. The color will sit over your hair strands like a stain and not go deep into your hair.

Nevertheless, Kool-Aid hair dye is a fantastic way to give some temporary change to your locks. If you want to have some harmless fun, it is excellent since it is not permanent, and you can always go back to your original hair after a few days.

Also, the upside of using a food-grade dye is the lack of harmful chemicals that damage your hair.

Is Kool-Aid An Appropriate Hair Color For Kids?

Our kids look up to us and mimic us in everything. And often, taking inspiration from us, kids also wish to get their hair dyed. We agree it is a battle to convince them of the harms of hair dyeing at such a young age.

`But don’t worry; Kool-Aid is here to your rescue. It is a great hair dye for kids since it is entirely chemical-free and will not damage your child’s hair.

Does The Color Turn Out The Same For Everyone?

Unfortunately, Kool-Aid hair dye is a little biased. It loves showing its colors on blonde hair the most, with its next favorite being light brown hair. It also appears quickly on previously lifted or bleached hair.

However, if you have darker hair, you might be in a fix because hair coloring with Kool-Aid might be a tad more complicated for you. But don’t be disappointed just yet. We have an answer for that too.

Kool-Aid comes in a variety of flavors. And if you pick a color that is more concentrated such as grape or cherry, you might be able to give your hair an overall subtle yet beautiful tint.

How To Make A Kool-Aid Hair Dye Mixture?

Now that we have discussed the nitty-gritty, let us unravel the real secret: how to dye your hair with Kool-Aid.

The entire process is relatively simple, and we will also keep it to the point.

  • The first step is to create the Kool-Aid mixture. Get yourself a few Kool-Aid packets of the desired color you want and empty them into a small bowl. Your color selection will depend on the color you want for your hair.
  • Say you want to dye your hair purple, then the perfect choice for you is the grape-flavored Kool-Aid. If you want a deep red hair color, your ideal pick should be the cherry flavor. Want to go funky and color your hair bright green? Go for lime. But if you want blue hair, blue raspberry is your best bet.

Pro-tip: If you have long hair, you might need two packets of Kool-Aid. If you want a deeper color, you can also add in two boxes because the more concentrated your mix is, the better the color would be.

One fantastic idea is to customize a Kool-Aid dye color by mixing in two varying flavors, such as grape and strawberry, for a reddish-purple hue on your hair.  

But remember, your original hair color is also a critical detail to keep in mind when making this choice. Will Kool-Aid dye dark hair? Yes, it will, but the color might not turn out as it may for blonde hair.

So, for example, while the grape flavor will create a pinkish violet on blonde hair, it will create a reddish-purple color on dark brown hair. Therefore, have a look at the Kool-Aid hair dye chart when choosing the perfect flavor.

Also, please remember to use the sugar-free version of Kool-Aid if you don’t want your hair to feel sticky.

  • The next step is to add some hot water. Take about 15ml of hot water and gradually add it to your Kool-Aid powder. Adding the water gradually will help you keep a check on the consistency you want. You don’t want it to be runny because it will not stay on your hair. On the other hand, you want it to be thick. Also, a rough estimate you can bear in mind is that you might need around 15ml of water for every packet of Kool-Aid.
  • Now add in some ooey-gooey conditioner to the mix. This addition will help the mixture turn into a creamy paste. It will also help the dye spread evenly through the hair.

How To Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid?


The next step is to put the Kool-Aid in your hair. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • We have our mix ready; now, all you got to do is slather it all on your hair. But first, wear some disposable gloves. You should avoid staining your hands while dyeing; otherwise, your hands will have the same color as your hair.  

Also, remember to wear a t-shirt that is old and useless because you will eventually get some on your clothes and you don’t want to ruin them.

  • Part your hair in four sections or if you have thicker hair, make it six. It will help you apply the dye easily and will help in ensuring that each strand gets adequately colored. Then, set one section loose at a time, and with the help of a brush or your fingers, start applying the Kool-Aid on your hair.

We believe your hands would do a better job of ensuring each hair gets coated adequately with the dye. However, do as you feel comfortable.

  • Once all the hair is dyed, tie them up with a clip and wrap your head with saran wrap. You can also use a grocery bag to wrap your head. Covering it will ensure it doesn’t spread and stain if you want to leave the dye in your hair for hours. Also, the wrap will help keep moisture in, resulting in a better color.

Leave the dye in for around 15 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the color you want. The longer you let it sit in your hair, the deeper the color you get.

  • After achieving the desired color, take off the wrap and wash your hair with cold water. You might get the surprise of your life seeing so much color come off with the water, but that is quite okay. You need to wait for the water to run clear, which means that now your hair is clean from all the excess color.

Remember, do not use shampoo while washing your hair. It might wear out some of the colors, and you do not want to do that already.

And that’s that. Now you have some Kool-Aid-colored hair that you can flaunt. How fun!

How Long Does Kool-Aid Hair Dye Last?


Hair coloring with Kool-Aid is not a permanent thing. The longest it can stay in your hair is four weeks. And that too depends on how long you let it sit in your hair while dyeing. If you want a long-lasting hair color with Kool-Aid, you need to leave the mixture in your hair for 1 to 5 hours.

The longevity of your Kool-Aid hair dye also depends on how well you maintain your hair. For example, if you wash your hair frequently, it is more likely that the color will wear off sooner.

Also, ironing your hair a lot, taking a swim in salt or chlorinated water, or spending too much time under the sun can affect the permanence of your hair dye.

Moreover, how long your hair dye with Kool-Aid stays in your hair also depends on the color you have used. So if you have darker colors such as maroons and dark purples, they tend to stay longer in your hair than pastels.  

I Don’t Like The Color! How Do I Get It Off?

So you were feeling quite hopeful, but the DIY turned into a disaster. What do you do now? Firstly, do not fret because where there is a will, there is a way. Now that you are calm, let us look into ways to get the dye off without pulling your hair out.

One way is to use your good old hair shampoo. Just like we discussed before, shampooing your hair often can wear the dye down, so use this to your advantage. Shampooing frequently will hopefully tone down the mess.

Another way is to cook up a concoction of baking soda and shampoo. However, this mixture can be very drying. Remember to condition your hair thoroughly after washing your hair with this mix.

However, if you want to get it off immediately, you might need to head to the nearest salon. The experts will handle it better and will make sure the color comes off without more damage to your hair.

The Verdict On How To Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid

If you love experimenting with hairstyles, dyeing hair with Kool-Aid might be your next risky venture. It is a fun way to give your hair a new look without the hefty salon charges that throw you into a mini panic attack.

It is also free from all the harmful chemicals that hair dyes generally have, which eventually take the life away from your hair. We must say that Kool-Aid is a harmless way to have some hairstyling fun.  

Now you know how to dye your hair with Kool-Aid. So are you excited to buy your favorite Kool-Aid flavor now?

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