3 Easy Ways How To Crimp Hair at Home And How To Style Them

Every day we see a new fashion trend of the past taking the current fashion scene by the storm.

Well, we have another blast from the past, drum-roll please Crimped hair!

The hairstyle that took the fashion industry by the storm in the 80s. The voluminous wavy curls are perfect for a beach party or a night out at the club with your close girls.

Although styling frequently can damage your hair so you need particular techniques that will not only protect your hair but give you the amazing curls that you have been looking for.

Before you begin with these methods, here’s a Youtube tutorial by Blushed By Malique. And make sure your hair is tangle-free, dry, and protected from heat.

Let’s begin crimping!

Crimp with a Crimper

Among the three methods that we have, we’ll start off with the simplest method that needs very little preparation and items to use.

All you need is to grab a crimping hot tool and hair spray and you can start working on bringing those curls back from the 80s.

  1. Divide and Conquer

    You can’t crimp all the hair at once so you will need to divide it into sections so it will be manageable for you to deal with. It is advisable that you section your hair into six parts. Depending on the volume of your hair, you can add or subtract sections at your convenience. Secure the sections with clips, hairpins, or hair ties.

  2. Crimp that hair!

    Plug in your crimping hot tool and begin from the bottom of one section. Keep the iron close to the roots and work your way up. Hold on to the crimp for some time and then check if it is set. With that move on to the end of your section. Do this till you are done with all your sections.

  3. Set it with hair spray

    Now that you have spent hours working on it, you definitely want your hairstyle to last at least the entire day you will need to apply hair spray. Keep the spray slightly away from your hair so you don’t get too much of it on your face.

Iron the braids

If you don’t have a crimper iron tool, but you have a flat iron, you can still crimp your hair like it is done with a crimper. You will need a mousse, heat-protectant, hair ties, and flat iron and you can start working on making those beach curls happen.

  1. Mousse it

    To keep the curls in the hair lasting longer, apply curl-enhancing mousse. Make sure it’s lightweight and not heavy hold as it might damage your hair. Take a small amount and apply it to your hair moving from the root to the tips. Try not to use too much product as it will make your hair greasy and sticky to style.

  2. Section them apart

    Part your hair from the midsection and secure the top half in a bun or a clip. Then take the bottom part of the hair and section it into four to six parts. Make sure to brush it first so you get rid of all the tangles.

  3. Braid the sections

    Take every section of your hair and tightly braid it in three-way braids. Tie it with an elastic band and ensure that they are snug and don’t get loose when you get to the next step.

  4. Protect the hair

    Before you begin with the flat iron, you will need to apply a heat protectant on the braid generously. You won’t want your hair to be damaged from all the heat. Ensure it is at both sides of the braid.

  5. Heat the iron

    Now, one by one hold the braid away from your face and heat it with the flat iron. Keep the iron in place for a few seconds till you reach the tip. Continue the process till all the sections are done.

  6. Remove the clip

    We can’t have just half of the hair crimped, it’s time to work on the top half. Take the clip off from the top part while the braids at the bottom are cooling off.

  7. Braid and Heat

    Take the sections apart one by one and braid them tightly as you did with the bottom part. Tie it with elastic bands exactly how you did before. Once they are tight and secure, apply the heat-protectant on them before you heat them with the flat iron.

  8. Unbraid it

    Slowly remove all the hair ties from the top and bottom parts once they are cooled down. Then open every section of the braid one by one. Brushing your hair will make them frizzy so avoid that at all costs. To have loose crimps all you’ll need to do is run your fingers through your hair.

  9. Spray it

    To hold your crimps for longer hours you will need to apply hairspray. Keep the spray 5-10 cm away from your hair and face. You are ready to go!

Crimp with U-pins

If you want to try something different than the traditional braids you can crimp your hair with U-pins. The method is almost the same as the braid one but you’ll be wrapping your hair around the pin.

All you need to do is follow the steps carefully and you’ll be rocking the 80s hairstyle.

  1. Hair product

    Pick up a lightweight mousse and gently apply it to your hair from roots to tips. Don’t apply too much or else your hair will be greasy and it will be won’t hold the crimp well.

  2. Get your items

    You will need U-pins which are different from bobby pins so don’t confuse the two. Along with that keep elastic ties, flat iron and hair spray all out on the dresser.

  3. Part ways

    Section your hair into two and put the hair on the top in a bun. With that, you will have a section of hair in the back and two parts on both sides of the face. The sections will make it easier for you to wrap them up in the pins.

  4. Wrap it around

    With the sections divided, place the pin near your scalp with the hair inside. Divide the section into further two parts and wrap it around the pin like a weave. Once you reach the end you can securely tie it with an elastic band. Do this for every section at the bottom before you work your way up.

  5. Flat iron the hair

    Once you are done with the bottom section, rub on heat-protectant on the twists. Then with the flat iron heat it up for a few seconds in the end and move your way up. Continue your way to all the sections.

  6. Get it all done

    Pull your top hair out of the bun and twist it in U-pins in the same manner as you did before. Next, you will need to heat the twists from tip to roots like the bottom section. After that let them cool off for around 5-10 minutes.

  7. Remove it all

    Carefully take out every pin from each section but make sure you are pulling it out of the scalp and not the bottom. Gently comb your hair with your fingers to loosen the crimps slightly if you need.

  8. Apply spray

    Keep the hair spray at a distance of 5-10 centimeters away and apply a generous amount to all sections of the hair. Doing this will golf the crimped hairstyle for longer hours and it will allow you to not worry about how your hair looks every other minute.

How To Choose The Right Crimps For Your Hair?

There are different kinds of crimped hairstyles. For example, you can opt for looser waves or tighter curls. It depends on what you like or what suits you better. The type of crimped hair you want will decide the suitable technique you should use for your hair.

You can choose the crimp style you want by selecting the particular crimping heat iron. There are separate irons for loose and tight crimps, so you can choose them the way you want.

To have looser curls, divide your hair into large sections and fewer sections. It will keep the crimps looser and far apart. Furthermore, to add more volume, crimp hair closer to your roots, but if you want less volume, you can start the crimps a little further away from the scalp.

How To Make Your Crimps Stay Longer?

Styling your hair is fun, be it curls or crimps. However, losing your hairstyle halfway through the party can be disappointing.

If you have a particular kind of hair that does not usually curl that quickly, you can wash your hair a few days before you want to style it. It will help to hold the crimped hair for longer. Make sure you don’t brush the crimps, or else all your hard work will go down the drain.

Four Picture-Perfect Updos For Crimped Hair

You can always crimp your hair and let them drop gorgeously over your shoulders. But if you want something exciting and interesting, you can always try out the following hairdos you can make with crimped hair.

  1. Crimped Braids

    Braids are the cutest, aren’t they? However, they are not such a beautiful sight when they lie flat across your head. Voluminous French braids were once a raging trend. Adding a few tiny flowers or gold accessories finish the perfect look for a wedding or a lunch date with the girls.
    But it can be difficult to add volume to your braids if your hair is thin. However, crimping hair is the perfect solution to this dilemma. So crimp before French braiding your hair, and voila, you got a flawless hairdo.  

  2. A Crimped Patch

    Are you one of those who enjoy experimenting with things and love standing out? If you love unique hairdos, try this adorable idea of crimping only a patch of your hair and not the entire head.

    All you got to do is straighten your hair sleek beforehand. Next, hold a chunk of your hair from the right side of your head. Next, take a crimper for hair and place it in the middle of the hair tuft. And you are done.

    Now you have super straight hair with an eye-catching small patch of crimp on one side of your head. Sweet!

  3. Two-In-One Crimped Hairdo

    If you have an urge to crimp your hair but do not want to go overboard with it, you can try this hairdo. First, tie your hair in a sleek high ponytail. Now, we want you to take a crimper and crimp the lengths of your ponytail. It will add volume to your hairstyle and unique touch to the more common everyday ponytail look.

  4. The Classic Crimped Hairdo

    If you believe crimped hair can only look funky, you are wrong. Crimps can add some real class to your hair if styled well. Such as this classic crimped hairdo that we are about to recommend to you.

    To begin with, make sure you create this hairstyle on straightened hair. Next, partition your hair in the center and get your hands on the crimper. The trick is to keep the crimps subtle by only crimping a few locks of your hair on both sides. Next, tie your hair back in a low ponytail for a neat finish. You can carry this hairdo even at your workplace and in business meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crimped Hair

Can you permanently crimp your hair?

Yes. You can get your hair permanently crimped. It is done by tying your hair in thin and small braids with tiny elastic bands at the ends. Next, your hair is permed and then opened. Your crimps also last longer than when you do it with a crimping rod or iron.

Can crimping damage your hair?

Heat is, by default, damaging to your hair. Therefore, any styling that involves heat applied to your hair will eventually damage them.

However, you can protect your hair from the heat through styling products such as serums and hairsprays. Heat protectant sprays are perfect for minimizing the damage to your hair. In addition, compared to other hair techniques, hair crimping is often quite naturally wearable. And this means the damage done is lesser compared to their hair tools.

Can you comb crimped hair?

Crimped hair is like curls. The waves sit close to each other, and brushing them will open up the wave pattern. Instead of making them look better, brushing will only make them frizzier and bigger. Therefore, if you want your crimped hair to stay put, do not brush them.

However, the basic rule of thumb is to do it with a wide-toothed comb if you really got to comb your curls or waves. It will not destroy the wave pattern and keep your crimped hair intact.


If you follow our tips and guidelines in the perfect order, you can rock out on the dance floor, at an 80s theme party, or a beach party with your new crimped hairstyle. There are multiple ways you can attain this look and stand out anywhere with those zigzags. It isn’t hard to get your groove back, whether it is a flat iron or a crimper.

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