Gold Fever Hair Extensions Review – Made with 100% Natural Hair

Have you dreamt of a real-life Rapunzel hairstyle somewhere in the middle of the night? Or, you’re exhausted from watching several YouTube videos on how to get thick and long hair? And, all those “Grandma techniques” aren’t working at all. Why? Because sleek, stumbling, and voluminous hair is a gift from mother nature. Keep your feet to the ground because we’ve come up with the solution to your problem. 

Gold hair extensions are what you might be looking for years. It is perfect for faking your hair and a well-preserved secret.

Gold Fever Hair Extensions Review

Recently, Instagram influencers have been rambling so much about Gold hair extensions. Rosanna Davison, Suzanne Jackson O’Connor, Kyleigh, and many others have claimed that these extensions are not less than an addiction. Once you try them, they will become your all-time favorite. 

Enough with the build-up; let’s jump into Gold fever hair extensions review. We’ll discuss why they are highly praised. And why are the extensions driving all those hot chicks crazy? What’s the thing that’s making them unique and outstanding from other hair extensions? – Let’s find out…


Unlike other hair extensions, Gold hair extensions have an extended life span. You will be startled to know that these extensions need replacement twice a year only. For years this remained a rumor. Later, many savvy ladies confirmed that the rumor was 100% true. However, if you’ll go to a hairstylist who does not have experience in binding, she may end up with a disaster (not only do you have to pay for extensions but to the stylist also). So, it’s better to choose the stylist wisely. The best way is to visit the official page of Gold fever hair extensions and look for recommended salons (probably, they’ll bind with a Gold fever applicator machine).

The ladies who had encountered binding extensions of various brands for more than 5-10 years said that their past extensions didn’t last more than a month. Moreover, they got dry in no time, and another horrible thing was damage to their natural hair (Both natural hair and extensions suffer heavy hair fall). However Gold fever hair extensions are utterly different; they protect your natural hair from Alopecia (the scientific word for hair loss).

Hair Extensions by Gold Fever

Double Drawn and Symmetrical hair

It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing between 8-inch extensions or 26-inch; gold hair extensions have natural and uniform symmetry throughout (almost 92% have the same length). Alternatively, other extensions are mostly fluffed from the root area and dwindle in size gradually to the tips. Gold fever’s company removes short hair from the raw bulk (although it decreases the number of extensions to be produced) through a particular procedure. Therefore, they import large amounts of raw hair—no doubt, why their brand is said to be the luxurious one.

Another surprising fact about binding gold fever hair extensions is that fewer extensions are required compared to other brands. Because Double drawn pattern quickly adds volume and fullness to the hair and gives Kim Kardashian’s hair vibes.

Made from 100% Indian raw hair

Demand for Indian hair extensions is increasing in the market day by day. Indian hair has a soft and shiny texture, best quality, significant thickness, can blend with all colors, and is well-kept. Rekha (an Indian actress and celebrity) has incredibly long and voluminous hair even at 67. Other local Indian women may have even better.

Well! It’s true; we all are obsessed (envious too) with Indian hair. Gold hair extensions have brought that gift to a beautiful lady like you. No need to drop your jaw every time you see those sleek hair because now you can have them too.

The extensions made from thin plastic are so annoying, and it seems like a bomb has blasted on the head after a few days of binding. We’re mentioning this because not all companies make their extensions with 100% natural hair except a few.

Gold Fever Hair

Remy’s hair and superior quality

Remy is a term derived from the French language, which means “to arrange something in a specific pattern.” Gold hair extensions have their hair cuticles aligned in the same direction. These extensions fall on shoulders like a sleek waterfall. Moreover, brushing this hair isn’t tricky; It feels as if natural hair is getting brushed.

With Local brand extensions, you’ll notice that their hair arrangement from the top is irregular or slightly zig-zag. After attachment, extensions of this kind look isolated from natural hair. 

The Gold fever company doesn’t use harsh chemicals for bleaching and dying of hair strands. Instead, they give an osmotic bath for 20 days because harsh chemicals can damage the hair cuticle. The hair with a damaged cuticle doesn’t last long and becomes dry in no time.

How to take care of Extensions?

After binding extensions, Salon experts recommend many points to consider and to change hair care routine. Instagram influencers claimed that they were not following any of those points strictly, but still, Gold hair extensions managed to resist everything like natural hair. However, the more care you take, the longer their life will be. Following is the guide that would add more life to your extensions:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo
  • Brush your extensions with a gold fever hairbrush
  • Blow-dry your hair less-often
  • Minimize using straighteners, curlers, and other heating equipment
  • Wash your extensions 2-3 times a week thoroughly
  • Wear a ponytail before sleep
  • Avoid heating extensions when they are wet

Wrapping up

Every girl out there prays for long and thick hair in her heart. But, not everyone is blessed with it. Gold hair extensions are the opportunity to avail for all those girls out there who are craving for and are obsessed with voluminous hair. They are 100% natural, beautiful, and long-lasting. They will cost you £700 for long hair and £250 for short hair, depending on the hair length. But, they’re worth every penny you would spend.

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