Is The Popular Glossier You Perfume Deserving Of The Hype?

At this point, it feels like everything Glossier touches turn to rose. This millennial-friendly brand has become synonymous with tastemaking since its inception. Their products launch with only one goal – to make their users look and feel like a better version of their selves.

With that in mind, we tried their popular Eau de Parfum, Glossier You perfume. Below, you can find our honest and comprehensive review of what we found out. 

Our Quick Review


“Glossier You “ is a perfume that melts into your skin. With a subtle feel, it glides onto your skin, adapting to your skin’s unique chemistry. It is special because it mingles with your body odor giving out a distinctive smell to everyone.

With Glossier You, you get the pink pepper fragrance. This top note gives a bright, sparkling, and spicy feel. The pink pepper has this magical first impression.

Next, you get into the slight sweetheart, woodsy ambiance. This woodsy feel is derived from warm, Ambery, Ambrox, and ambrette seeds. The warm tone is balanced with the iris, which gives a creamy freshness of white floral.

Because it enhances individuality. It is not one of those fragrances you wear to be like someone else. It smells like its wearer, sometimes soft but warm and familiar. Although designed in an odd formula, the perfume denotes personal evolution.

No matter where you go, it will uniquely enhance your personality. So, you can say that it is not a finished product. “You” will complete it.

We Love It.

Ingredients Of Glossier You

Like all other scents, this glossier perfume comprises top and base notes. In the Glossier You perfume description, you can find the following main ingredients:

Pink Pepper: It gives a spicy, bright, and sparkling touch.

Iris: It adds a powder, floral and green ambiance to the scent.

Ambrette Seeds: These seeds are added to the ingredients for balancing. The floral tones are balanced with a warm but woody and sweet scent.

Ambrox: It is used for adding a salty touch with a musky and creamy tone of scent.

The Scent Of Glossier You Perfume



During our Glossier Scent review, we noticed that despite these basic ingredients, the perfume gives off a customized experience. And we must say, the final scent you experience is pretty unique.

It uses the oils on your skin and reacts with your body’s chemistry. Thus, each wearer leaves a subtle yet distinctive fragrance.

It’s interesting to note that this is Glossier’s first expedition into the customized fragrance domain and a retail price of £45 (or $60) seems like a risky decision by the beauty behemoth. Nevertheless, it pays off and “grows with you no matter where you are in your evolution. 

Glossier you perfume description states that it aims to transcend gender and race. And the scent certainly feels like that. The spicy pink pepper top notes provide a universal scent. We also believe, the warm amber note will appeal to a large group of people.

The scent came into the market in October 2017. Since then, it has become one of the most discussed Glossier products. The reason is its universal appeal and unique features. The company has experienced double-digit percentage growth every year – not a small accomplishment in such a saturated industry. And we can see why!

The Application Of Glossier You Perfume

Like other perfumes, apply on desired areas like a spray. Recommended place is on the pulse points. You can use it on the wrist, behind the ears, and neck. We recommend using it on the pulse points for long-lasting fragrance.

The Value You Get

You will see the eye-catching classic pink ombre bottle with a red cap if you visit the site. The main full-sized bottle costs around $60. This particular bottle contains 50ml of perfumes. For this quantity, you can say that it is a little less than a typical full-sized perfume. But a little goes a long way, so we consider it worth the price.

After the success of this perfume, the company also introduced the solid perfume. The solid perfume comes in a refillable pink compact giving your vanity a super cute look. Oh, and it retails for $30, surely a budget-friendly option.

You can try the perfume all first-hand on a low budget. The Refills cost is $20. What’s more, If you want the fragrance, but don’t want to wear the perfume then you can go to another option: the Glossier You Candle. It gives off the same fragrance without the need to apply it to you. 

The Packaging Of Glossier You Perfume

Glossiers perfume

Its packing itself also looks like a unique piece of art. The bottle design is an in-house creation with a real thumbprint indent. You get the scent in a packed recyclable, molded paper carton secured with a reusable rubber band. 

Similar Products

Are you wondering what perfume glossier you smell like? We noticed quite a few similarities between Glossier You and the following scents: 

  • Narciso Rodriguez For Her
  • The Body Shop White Musk
  • Diptyque Fleur de Peau
  • Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
  • Byredo Gypsy Water

Our Verdict

In coordination with its “Skin First philosophy,” Glossier worked with prominent perfumers. The most prestigious being the ones behind Le Labo’s cult Santal 33 scent. The result is the perfect arrangement of creamy and warm base notes, ambrette, and Ambrox.

It is topped off with fresh iris and glittering pink pepper. The result is a pleasant, appealing but delicate scent. Its fragrance induces a familiar feeling like you have smelled it before. But you can’t quite remember where.

The brand describes it to be “the ultimate personal fragrance .”It is thus meant to be relished close, in the vicinity of your personal space and it succeeds in that. Some people suggest that It may not smell like perfume. Rather they label it as a heady and overwhelming fragrance.

So our verdict is to consider it a “skin smell enhancer,” which gives you a salty, creamy, clean, and warm scent. It’s a bit hard to describe, but certainly something we wouldn’t mind smelling like. 


Is glossier perfume worth it?

As the name denotes, this perfume is for those who like customization. Some people are inclined towards human scents and body odors. For others, it may be a source of nausea or headache. Glossier You is a good scent for the wearers who consider bodily smells attractive.

It gives a sophisticated, warm aroma with a small floral hint. Very pleasant and springtime, but upright for all seasons. Smells good and lasts the longest, even on humid and warm days. So, yes! It’s a good scent and totally worth the price. 

Does glossier actually smell different on everyone?

Yes, it’s true. Glossier perfume does actually smell different on everyone. 

Glossier formulated the perfume they introduced as a “skin smell enhancer.” even in the list of ingredients, they narrate “you” as the first ingredient. This unique ingredient comes before basic components.

The three skin-like base notes in the formula and two spicy top and earthy notes are constant. Weiss, in an interview, claimed that she wanted something unique. She intended to make something odors “like your boyfriend’s neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours.”

More precisely, the oils on the wearer’s skin will react with the body’s chemistry. It will produce different scents for everyone.

Is glossier you a pheromone?

Short answer: Yes. 

Long answer: Pheromones denote the hidden form of communication. These are the substances that send signals from one individual to another. They activate a response in the receiver. It can be a specific behavior or a hormonal change.

With this definition, “Glossier you” is a pheromone. It can activate a particular smell owned by its wearer. It creates a kind of emotional attachment for the receivers who want to smell your fragrance. With this type of emotional attachment, the receiver will get signals.

These signals can be happiness or gratitude. You can denote this perfume as a pheromone, targeting the unique human scent.

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