7 Things to Consider Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been on the market for quite a long time. However, most people gradually appreciate its benefits in recent times. Most people desire to have long hair, though not all have the patience to wait for it to grow, making hair extensions their best alternative.

Hair extensions can offer you the confidence you desire for any type of occasion. When choosing the perfect hair extensions in terms of quality, length, volume, or color, you have a wide variety to select from. However, it’s crucial to consider specific factors and hair extension rules before getting one for yourself.

That said, the outline below highlights the key factors you need to consider before getting hair extensions:

1. Your Lifestyle

It’s crucial to consider your habitual routines before getting hair extensions, for instance, if you regularly work out, surf, or are an athlete. Therefore, it’s crucial to check on the preventive measures for caring for your hair extensions depending on how frequently you wash them, whether after working out or swimming.

It’s also a good idea to consider how comfortable your hair extensions make you during your daily events. Therefore, you need to choose a hair extension that won’t loosen up as you exercise. It would be best to consider a durable and lightweight hair extension that can handle all sorts of workouts and routines.

2. Hair Extension Types

There are many popular types of hair extensions. Hence it would be necessary to know their differences. There are semi-permanent and temporary types of hair extensions. Some of the hair extension types include:


Cheapest and fastest to apply and can only take around 10-15 minutes to secure them to your scalp using toupee-like clips.


You can secure them to your scalp by horizontally braiding your natural hair from ear to ear and then stitching your hair into the braid.


Are more prominent in volume, offering you the perfect hair look. You can secure the hair extensions by pre-taping them with medical-grade glue.

3. Budget

It’s crucial to have a budget before getting hair extensions since their pricing varies in terms of materials used and the amount of time and labor they demand. The quality of the hair extension can also impact significantly its price. Therefore, it would be best to consult your hairstylist regarding the costs and durability of the different hair extensions.

4. Hair Extension Quality

The most affordable hair extensions are synthetic extensions. But they typically tangle easily and their super excessive shine makes them look unnatural. Statistics show that 43.9% of the world’s hair extensions are synthetic. However, it would be best to get Remy hair extensions because of their quality.

Remy hair extensions are the most popular because it’s made from actual human hair that has a uni-lateral cuticle direction, which makes your hair tangle-free.

Synthetic hair extensions might be affordable. However, it would be best to get quality hair extensions to guarantee their durability and appeal in terms of attractiveness and comfortability.

For example, many celebrities on Instagram have been chanting about the thick and sleek appearance of gold hair extensions, with other impressive attributes like durability and quality.

5. Your Hair Volume and Texture

You also have to consider your hair’s length, volume, and texture before getting hair extensions. Most hairstylists ask these questions to give you suggestions on the best match for your hair type.

This is due to the hair variation from one person to another. Therefore, it would be best to consult with your hairstylist before purchasing hair extensions to ensure the perfect type for you.

6. Hair Extension Length and Volume

There are different types to choose from when it comes to hair extension length. The most preferred ones range from 16 inches which can go past your shoulders and 24 inches which can reach your waist. In terms of volume, you have to determine the amount of hair extension you purchase in ounces, with most customers preferring about four to six ounces.

However, keep in mind that the hair extension length and volume you’ll choose would highly influence its price. This can be the perfect moment for you to also consider the hair extension color.

7. How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions

It’s crucial to consider the measures you’ll put in place in caring for your hair extensions. You have to keep in mind that hair extensions require additional duties and care to maintain. You’ll have to wash them after having them for several days. However, to prevent them from loosening up, it would be best to quickly dry them up after cleaning them.

It’s also crucial to schedule occasional retying sessions because your hair extensions typically loosen up when natural hair grows. Therefore, you’ll have to visit your hairstylist after every 6-10 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.


Hair extensions have become a trendy choice that helps create the perfect look for any occasion. However, you’ll need to consider specific aspects before getting the ideal hair extension for you. Fortunately, the tips mentioned above can take you through all the factors you need to consider before getting hair extensions.

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