Getting the Perfect Manicured Nails Without Nail Polish

Why cover your nails with numerous coats and colors when your bare nails can do the magic. A no polish manicure showcases the real essence of your nails. Yup, you don’t always need pedicure nails.

Naked Nails

Naked Manicures – A Sign of Nail Health?

To snap your fingers with pride, you don’t always need that cherry red shade on. Everyone is rocking the bare minimum look these days, so why leave your nails behind? A no-polish manicure sits in sync with taking care of your nails. This can be achieved in several ways:

Revitalizing your nails

When looking through the mani-pedi ideas, you must have come across some steps that are always done before or after the nail treatment to ensure your nail’s safety. To get long, strong, and smooth nails, there are certain items you need to get asap.


I love having long nails, but they always chip off. This was when I noticed, my diet did not have the essentials to aid my nails to grow strong. Talk to a health care professional and invest in multi-vitamin supplements. The ones you highly need are; Biotin, other B Vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Zinc, to name a few. 

Not only will these make your nails strong, but they also aid them to grow long to rock those French manicure looks. 

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Buff it Up 

Buffing Creams and scrubs wipe away any residue left from nail polishes. There are some bougie brands out there who will surely do the job. However, if you wish to let your wallet breathe, mix some coconut oil with a regular exfoliator and viola, your nail bed is saved. 

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Oil it up

I cannot stress oil’s importance enough. In the initial stages of mani and Pedi, cuticle oil is a must while pushing back your cuticles. Nail varnishes and polishes tend to destroy their integrity. Again, there are some commendable brands, but natural clean oils are best for your natural nails. Coconut, Almond, and Olive oil tend to be better picked for cuticles. 

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Nail Perfector 

Nail perfectors are applied right before nail polishes. Perfectors are a must even when you want the natural look and are going for clear polish pedicures and manicures. They carry growth stimulating nutrients. In addition, they make sure to hide away ridges, scrapes, and all sorts of discrepancies a nail surface may have and help hide them. 

Nail Perfectors give you a vague shine finish which allows you have polish-free manicures. 

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The No Nail Polish Look

Cool tone and opaque nail polishes are perfect for subtle looks. Nude shades are in lip colors. 

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Nail Files

Before getting on with the base coats, nail filing is necessary. Especially if you want to ace a perfect manicure without polish. Nail files buff out all irregularities and help get off any residues or gunk from previous nail experiences. 

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DO NOT go near the clippers. If you wish to trim or change the shape of nails, it’s best to file out the excess. Clippers often make your nail ends uneven and unnecessarily sharp. If not experienced with handling clippers, you may end up cutting off too much and end up with too short of a nail. Glass files are best for the perfect filing. The abrasion ability is unmatched with sandpaper stick files. The latter goes hard on your nails and may end up splitting them apart. 

Remember, a manicure without polish with an inexperienced hand will destroy your nail bed and cuticle. So, it is better to have them do it at the nail salon if you do not know how to proceed. 

Nail Polish – The Bad Guy?

How is applying bright colors on your nails harmful? Your nails may be the statement uplift you need, but trust me, it will be a nightmare if you continue it on a regular basis.


Too much of anything is dangerous, and so is the application of polishes. These liquids contain harmful chemicals which get absorbed into our nail beds. A key chemical called, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) has debilitating effects on reproduction and developmental abilities. Another ingredient, Formaldehyde, is known to have carcinogenic properties. Nail designing doesn’t seem so intriguing now, does it? 

The world is already doomed. Why harm yourself even more by putting yourself through this. Stick to bare nails and introduce as few artificial chemicals and products to your bare nails as possible. 

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure and Manicure at home?

You don’t get time for nail salons when busy running the world. (Queen B in the house!). Nail salons are not your last resort for perfect nail care. It can easily be done at home, especially if you are saving up on your wallet. 

Remove Nail Polish

The following steps ticks all boxes of nail care, that too at home. 

Remove Nail Polish 

Nail polish remover rich in essential oils is your best pick. Acetone formulas are great, too but are rather slow and take a few tries to get the job done. Moreover, acetone tends to dry out the oils from your nails. You must have noticed a white-washed surface when rubbing off acetone.

Best way to it?

Use good reusable absorbable pads and a natural essential-oil polish remover.

Shape it Off!

Scrubbing the sough off is important. You get rid of all bumps and manage to smoothen the surface of areas facing friction throughout the day. Trim and shape the nails with a fine 180-grit filer which is the best to smooth out surfaces. 

Cuticle Care

These are the main boundaries to your nail bed. They keep the bacteria and other offenders out. Do while pushing the cuticles back, make sure to go slow and steady. AN exaggerated move can end in an infection. The infection will only invite thick fibrous growth, which will down-grade future mani-pedi experiences. 

Push the cuticles back and cut them off. Make sure not to cut off huge chunks of your skin. Again, experience counts!

Buff it up

The last step is to seal in the shine. This is done by going from the grittiest files to the finest and ending it all with a buffer. It whisks away all ridges and uneven edges and results in a smooth glassy surface. 

End the ritual with good cuticle oil. It further replenishes the shine and makes sure to keep your cuticles soft and, well, alive!


This brings me to the end of the article. The no-manicure manicure doesn’t just end at nails; it’s also a thing for your toes. But, before you go start searching for the no-pedicure pedicure, let me know how you take care of your nails in the comment section below?

Are you a natural or nail polish girl?  

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