5 Safe and Effective Waxing Tips at Home

With countless weeks of lockdown, you must have missed going to your favorite wax salon and having a nice treat of hair removal procedures. We can’t blame you as well if you have felt the need to withdraw from longing to see your favorite esthetician and do the process yourself. 

How to Do Safe and Effective Waxing at Home

We feel you, girl. That’s why we’ve come up with these facts and tips on how you can ace waxing at home and finally be free from those little hairs. Take notes and follow them as you make your skin smoother again at the comfort of your home.

What Makes a Waxing Kit?

It’s time to start waxing if you’ve already prepared yourself and made your skin comfy. When waxing the bikini line or underarms, use a hard wax that doesn’t use strips and just pulls on the hairs, not the skin. Larger, less sensitive body parts, such as the legs and arms, benefit from the use of soft wax and strips.

Most waxing salons now sell waxing kits to customers who don’t have their own on-hand tools. This is also one of the best ways to help your favorite waxing salon that lost its revenue during the lockdown. As you explore and learn how to do waxing by yourself, you also get to share your blessings. It’s a win-win situation, right?


Just make sure that when you receive your waxing kit, it must include waxes, strips, wooden spatulas, and other goods like mini-body washes and oils that can be used before and after the application of treatment.

Exfoliate the day before waxing to help open your pores and prepare your skin for the procedure. If you take a warm shower the day before, the wax will attach only to the hair when it is open and soft.

Steps and Tips in Waxing at Home

See how easy it is to wax yourself at home by following these simple instructions.

Inhale, Exhale, and Go for it

Even though waxing isn’t a life or death scenario, taking a deep breath before you begin will help to make the experience more bearable. When you’re ready to remove the wax strip, inhale and exhale while pulling on the soft or hard wax strip. In addition to helping you relax, deep breathing can help you deal with any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Strike a Pose in Your Way

While most salons have standards for how they urge their clients to sit during visits in order to position their bodies. But now that you are doing waxing at home, you can be in control of your position. You can sit any way you want as long as you are safe.

Observe the Effect

Another important thing to remember is to only use wax in skin areas where you can see your skin clearly. This is important so that you can also observe if the wax has a harmful reaction to your skin.

Others might not experience the same reaction as you do, but it does not mean you should continue to use it. If you’re ever in doubt about something, consult a professional.

Prepare Your Skin

Use hypoallergenic baby powder to prep your skin before applying wax if you’re using soft wax. However, if you’re planning on using hard wax, put some oil on your skin first. In order to protect your skin from irritation after hair removal, follow these tested skincare practices before waxing.

Embrace Your Hair and Trim if Needed

After not getting a Brazilian wax for a really long time while in lockdown, having a clean and trimmed bikini line will always feel good. However, whether waxing salons are accessible or not, make sure to maintain the cleanliness in your bikini area by trimming, if necessary.

Take It Small

Applying wax in small portions is best if you will do it in sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini areas. If you look closely at your hair, you may find that it grows in different directions in these areas, you will need to target each individual hair one by one to achieve the best results.

What to Do After Waxing at Home

Make sure to prepare your loose-fitting clothing so you can wear it after you do waxing. Wearing loose-fitting clothes can help your skin breathe on the first day or so until the area feels less sensitive.

You should also avoid hot showers or baths for the first 24 hours since your skin will be more vulnerable to irritation and bacteria.

No matter how exciting it can be, never put products on the skin that aren’t waxing-approved since they may cause a reaction or infection due to pores being exposed.


It’s not that difficult if you follow all of these suggestions from beginning to end. However, the waxing experience may go horribly wrong if you attempt to wax with big strips. If you also pull the wax strips in the wrong way, your skin will not be able to breathe in between each strip.

So there you have it: the important things you need to observe when waxing at home. We’ll make sure to update this article from time to time with the top-recommended waxing kit products so you can have the best and safest waxing at home experience.

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