No Need To Swallow Your Pride When Living With Dysphagia

From the beginning of time, social life has centered around the enjoyment of food and drink; the natural instinct for pleasurable nourishment is basic to most people.

Dysphagia prods a painful and persistent finger straight to the heart of this enjoyment or, perhaps more to the point, prods a painful and persistent finger down the throat.

Thankfully, help is out there, and the wonderful natural innovation of human beings is providing answers to a concern that previously had the potential to destroy the pleasure of eating and drinking together.

What Is Dysphagia, And What Can Help

Women and girls with dysphagia have difficulty swallowing and often experience discomfort and pain when swallowing. It is a nasty condition that makes swallowing a challenge and can lead to serious problems for sufferers, such as taking in sufficient calories and lung infections due to food becoming stuck in the airway.

Dysphagia can impact everyone, including children and young adults, but is most common in senior citizens and often linked to people with diseases of the nervous system, like Parkinson’s, cancer, or stroke victims.

There is, however, hope and techniques that can ease the pain. Softer foods are an obvious answer, innovations like SimplyThick gel have transformed the approach to dysphagia treatment, and speech therapists use methods that offer safe strategies when swallowing.

Do your research, speak to the professionals, understand the labels on every product and learn to live your best life, one not defined by dysphagia.

Family Support Is The Foundation Of A Happy Life

Many people experience some chronic pain every day, while for others, it can be fleeting.

It is the support and love of those closest to us that can make all the difference. Medical conditions do not have to define a lifestyle, and an environment of understanding, compassion, and positivity can be as influential as a medical intervention.

In the family setting, one of the most beautiful pleasures to enjoy is a lazy Sunday morning, shuffling down the stairs in pajamas and house slippers that have no intention of being removed until work returns on Monday.

The door of the refrigerator is ready for action; the delights inside are ready to be consumed. Turn on some favorite music, but keep it low and soothing; it is Sunday morning, after all.

The coffee pot begins its morning whistle, juice glasses happily clank into place, and the sizzling smell of breakfast fills the air. Enjoy these wonderful moments together, embrace the pleasure of being surrounded by loved ones and approach the new day with ailments shoved to the back of the cupboard.

Spend Special Time With Friends And Let Laughter Fill The Air

Some people are blessed with natural compassion and empathy, and close friends take that approach to the highest level.

There is a time in life, normally around those early teenage years when friendships become the most important relationships imaginable. Family life should be filled with love and care, friendships filled with laughter and enjoyment.

A fundamental part of the friendship cycle is an appreciation and understanding of the struggles your closest confidantes are facing. Whether it is dysphagia or any other condition, talk to friends, and they will make it better – it’s their job.

Throw away the restrictions that an ailment can place on daily life and enjoy the wonder of those around you. When a friend understands the condition, they will naturally adjust and adapt.

So, join hands with your beautiful friends and head out to the bar for special days together. Tell stories of the silly mistakes you made as teenagers, reminisce on the partners you loved, and laugh about the ones you regret.   

Friends know how you are feeling; even when you don’t realize it yourself, it is the natural instinct of friendship. Keep that door to your heart wide open, and fabulous friends will take care of it.

Positive Partners Are The Answer To All Ailments

It is in those quiet moments of tenderness with a partner that people feel at the most content.

All anybody wants from a partner is love and care. Within that broad sphere comes empathy, sympathy, security, reassurance, approval…the full list of requirements every person deserves from a partner.

Life is so incredibly busy that it becomes easy to forget the beauty of quiet moments together. Set aside time, even when 24 hours never seem enough to get everything done in a day. Even the most hectic life has a pause button, and that is when cherishing time with your partner is so special.

Light the candles, wear the outfit that makes you feel wonderful, style your hair with a smile, turn on the music that is special to both of you and laugh about the memories that created this beautiful partnership.

Dysphagia Does Not Define Your Future

It is, of course, easy to picture these utopian environments, but not so easy when living with a debilitating condition like dysphagia.

However, cherished moments of happiness are still achievable, and there is so much positive research being carried out to help the swallowing process for people from all walks of life.

Scientists have already developed a new understanding of tongue and throat movements during the swallowing process, nutritionists have introduced foods that can maintain a healthy diet, and innovators have created remedies for a positive future.

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