11 Do’s and Don’ts of Putting Together a Plaid Outfit

Some trends are timeless. It does not matter how much time has passed because their need in the fashion industry is an all-time must. If you go back to the 80s and the 90s media, you must remember how mainstream plaid was, and almost every fabulous actress was found fashioning it— be it from the iconic Cher Horowitz to young Beyonce. 

Plaid never got old. Till today, it enjoys the spotlight in the vogue world. It doesn’t matter if you are from the dark academic world or a true fashion maven because classic plaid dress outfit ideas will add a flair to your personality and prepare you to flaunt your sense of fashion during the much-awaited Fall.

The most fun thing about fashion is that there are no hard and fast rules. However, if you are about to pick a plaid attire for the day, there are certain do’s and don’ts. Of course, you’re not burdened with abiding by these rules, but if you follow them, then you’re guaranteed to have a few jaws dropped once you step into a room full of people. Plus, according to style professional Elaina Moran, the clothing you wear can make-or-break a first impression.

Plaid outfits

What Are Plaid Outfits?

Many people identify plaid with the delights of back-to-school time. Its roots are perhaps traced back to Scotland, where it has been created for centuries and is known as tartan. In truth, the Scots used plaid to describe just one style of wearing tartan, which became popular among everyone from artists to high school kids. It’s a classic pattern that almost everyone enjoyed and wore all the time. Plaid is a geometrical print that is constantly in style, but it also works as a solid. It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down with minimal fuss.

The Daunting Dont’s of Wearing Plaid

Planning plaid dress outfit ideas can be fun as you mix and match articles from your wardrobe. And, while experimenting can be entertaining, it is vital to remember that certain things are a big no-no, and you must avoid making these mistakes at all costs. So, if you want to look elegant and crisp, keep reading and swerve the don’ts while getting dressed.

Don’t Opt for Plaid Shoes with a Plaid outfit.

If you have been wondering what shoes to wear with a plaid shirt and jeans, then the answer is simple— don’t wear plaid shoes. Too much of anything is not a good idea. If you want to buy yourself a cute old pair of plaid shoes, then go ahead and choose one with subtle patterns and wear them with plain pants to accentuate the design. In fact, solid-color outfits will also be perfect to wear with plaid shoes. However, if you want to fashion plaid dress outfit ideas, don’t opt for plaid shoes because that will be overdoing it. The clash can make you camouflage, and you want to do the opposite of that if you want to get noticed for your impeccable looks. 

Don’t go overboard with Plaid Accessories. 

While drawing your plaid dress outfit ideas, it is impossible not to count all the gorgeous plaid accessories. We don’t blame you if you want to adorn yourself with all of it, but here’s a little secret— the less is more. Plaid scarves and handbags are a classic look, but they will only shine if you pair them with solid colors. Wearing plaid accessories with plaid outfits will hide or mix up all the things you wear. If you want to flaunt your accessories in front of those office girls, match them correctly. For example, you can wear a plaid scarf and a handbag with a solid-colored outfit to reinvigorate your look.

Don’t wear oversized Plaid Outfits.

The thing about plaid is that you can’t twist it into something funky no matter what you do. It exhibits sophistication and elegance, so it is best if your plaid dress outfit ideas do not consist of baggy shirts and pants. Loose or baggy plaid dress styles will create unnecessary falls and wrinkles, and that will totally ruin your look. As we all know, the plaid design is inherently geometric, so the more fitted your dress is, the less distorted the final look will be. So make sure you buy the right-sized plaid clothes for yourself.

Don’t match plaid with busy patterns.

Plaid itself is not a simple patterned design. And it can only shine bright if you will keep it simple. If you want to wear multiple layers to look chicer, make sure you choose a plain shirt to go with your outfits with plaid pants and a plaid jacket. Plain turtle necks, solid-colored boots, and a traditional beret are some of the accessories you can also match with your plaid outfits. Remember, your plaid dress outfit ideas will look phenomenal if you approach a more simple track. Try not to overdo it, which is not hard considering how exciting it is to play mixing and matching. Keep it simplistic, and you’re guaranteed to hear some “wows” on your way!

Don’t settle for Old Colors.

Plaid is somewhat a traditional fashion. So, if you will peruse the market, you will most probably find conventionally dark colors such as blood-red, navy blue, or forest green. However, these dark colors can make you look not so sophisticated and up-to-date with the fashion trends. So, to avoid looking drab, try to opt for more vibrant colors. In addition, you can add a fun twist to our general understanding of plaid by picking relevant fall colors while designing your plaid dress outfit ideas.

Don’t Go With Plaid Pants

Are you thinking to match your plaid top with plaid pants? Well, don’t mind, that’s something so messy. Plaid outfits themselves are trendy and beautiful, they don’t anything to enhance their style, especially when it’s about prints. To be very honest, wearing a plaid top or jacket with plaid pants will give you a dull and unpleasant look. Just go for a jumpsuit if you are thinking of a plaid outfit with plaid pants.

 If you ask about my suggestion, a plaid outfit will go so nicely with solid colors pants. Blending a plaid top with solid solar pants is a perfect thing. It will enhance and make your plaid outfit more prominent.

The Definitive Do’s of Wearing Plaid

Now that we have talked about all the ways in which we shouldn’t wear plaid let’s also see how we should wear it. Experimenting with your wardrobe is super fun, but it becomes even more interesting if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Plaid can be elegant but also super fashionable. So don’t hesitate from trying out new plaid dress outfit ideas.

Do stay consistent with the scale.

When it comes to plaid, scale is essential. The size of the scale determines largely how a plaid dress will look on you. For example, smaller-scaled plaids are best for short women, while larger-scaled plaids will look gorgeous on tall women. The same goes for men, larger scaled plaids will look so gorgeous on wide chested muscular men, and smaller scaled plaids go well on skinny boys. Make sure you shop for the ones that suit you so flaunting becomes effortless for you.

Do experiment with different patterns.

Your plaid dress outfit ideas should have space for experimentation with different patterns. A uniform pattern will soon make you bored so try out different patterns. For example, if you are worried about wearing a plaid dress confidently, then perhaps try diagonal lines because of their fantastic slimming effect. Diagonal plaid is so in, and it will boost your spirit. Moreover, wearing plaid with stripes is not very common, but they also help give you a more slim effect by hugging your curves and giving you an hourglass body shape!  You can try wearing a long-sleeved, solid color shirt with a diagonal or striped plaid jacket or plaid pants to draw the eye inwards and have passers-by stop to marvel at your attire. 

Mix and match different parts of your wardrobe.

Mixing a casual plaid shirt with plain pants or a plaid jacket can give you some incredible looks. Never stop mixing and matching stuff that you already have in your closet. For example, a plaid shirt will look dope if you pair it with a solid black pencil skirt. Or you can wear a solid turtleneck with plaid pants and a plaid jacket— and voila! A classic, modern look. Also, look at other fabrics such as leather or denim, which may yield an exciting look after some clever mixing and matching.

Do keep an open mind to short-sleeved shirts.

Plaid shirts come with short sleeves and long sleeves. The latter are more common as they give off a more authentic fall vibe. However, you must give a fair chance to short sleeves plaid shirts because they look dope with skirts and pants and give you a more trendy aura. In fact, the best thing about short-sleeved plaid shirts is that they allow you wear plaid in hot weather too. Who is to say fashion is only for the cold weather, right?

Do try a matching set when you can.

The thing about a matching plaid set is that it can look gorgeous— but only on some people. If you’re scared about not being able to pull it off, then here is a sign for you— don’t be afraid to try it out. Matching subtle plaid sets can make you look like you are straight out of the dark academia world. You can try plaid jackets with plaid skirts or straight plaid pants and look stunning. Make a soft mood board if you’re still dubious about this ordeal and see what style flutters your fancy.

Do fashion it around the year.

Plaid is not seasonal; let’s start from there. It is a fashion statement that can be made in all seasons. If it’s summer, then you can opt for more pastel and vibrant colors. You can also go for plaid dresses or skirts to avoid feeling bothered in the heat. For winters and fall, you can opt for darker, deeper colors to match the vibe of the weather. You can flaunt plaid cigarette pants, blazers, jackets, etc., during cold weather. The point is, don’t let the climate stand in the way of you donning plaid.

Do get your hands on a Burberry scarf.

Scarves give a very pretty touch to many outfits and when it comes to plaid they go hand in hand. If you are looking to invest in something super worthy, then keep Burberry scarves in mind. They are an essential staple for all plaid dress outfit ideas, especially in winters. Yes, they are pretty expensive than other scarves, but they are worth spending money over. These scarves add a flair to almost any plaid outfit and give you a timeless look. If you can’t afford them at the moment, then don’t worry and look for an alternative that is akin to these scarves. Black, dark green and navy blue solid scarves are quite a good and stylish option that goes pretty marvelous with plaid outfits. 

Do Add up a Belt

Why not add up a belt with your plaid outfit? It’s a cool idea. Yes, I know people avoid wearing belts with plaid tops because they don’t want to tuck in. Keep in mind, that you can wear plaid outfits as formal, casual as well as semi-formal so try to accessorize your belts with plaid outfits. It will give you a classy yet cool look. Do try it!

Do Wear a Plaid Outfit With Plain Top

Plaid pants are my favorite type of pants. I’m sure you’d like to dress these for the office, but try to combine them with basic white shirts or black sweaters. However, you’d be shocked at how repeatedly you wear them.  Along with all the white and black shirts they pair with, you can simply wear these once per week and not repeat looks.

Do Style Your Plaid Skirt Flawlessly

If you have bought a slaying plaid skirt but don’t know how to style it, don’t worry I have two awesome styling suggestions for you. To begin, while choosing your top, choose a solid color that complements one of the hues in your skirt. The next piece of advice? When it comes to choosing shoes with a plaid skirt, keep your height in mind. Wear some high boots with black tights. This will look ravishing!

Bottom Line

Plaid is versatile. Plaid is fashionable. Plaid is all you need to feel comfortable in your skin and look straight out of Vogue magazine. We hope this article gave you a hefty sense of how to best model plaid and arrest the attention of any and everyone. Just keep the less is more formula in mind, don’t need to add too much in one go. If you are styling a plaid top, skirt, or pants, solid color matchups are just beyond perfection. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with plaid this season, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.

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