What No One Tells You About Bobby Glam Hair Extensions

Are you someone who gets bored of their hairstyle too quickly? Do you sometimes wonder how your hair would look if dyed pink? If your answer to both questions is a yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll solve all your hair dilemmas without you having to worry about damaging your hair from constant heating, bleaching, or coloring.

What if we also told you, you could add instant thickness, body, length, and volume to your hair within 10 minutes? Sound too good to be true, right? Don’t worry; we’re here to explain everything. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the world of weft hair extensions.

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Synthetic Hair vs. Remy Hair

Before buying weft extensions, you must first decide whether you want synesthetic hair or Remy hair. Don’t feel too overwhelmed with all these terms; let us explain.

Synthetic hair is essentially made from man-made fibers to give the appearance of natural hair. Therefore, it is a cheaper option as compared to Remy hair. Many people go for synthetic hair extensions due to the wide variety of lengths, colors, and styles. Additionally, they are easy to use without the need for extra styling. Synthetic hair extensions also do not cause frizzes or droopiness in hair if weather conditions aren’t ideal.

However, the downside of synthetic hair is that it provides a lack of versatility as the user cannot style the hair in many ways. It is also less durable compared to Remy hair, lasting only 4-5 months. At the same time, heat-friendly synthetic hair extensions can last up to 2-3 months only. Another downside is that they don’t look natural as real human hair, nor can they be dyed or colored.

On the other hand, Remy hair is human hair which means the cuticle is intact and runs in one direction. Additionally, the hair has also never been dyed or processed with chemicals. Remy hair extension is a premium option for those with a higher budget and who are looking for a more natural hair look. Remy hair can be dyed and styled as per the needs of the user. They are also highly durable, lasting up to 1-3 years, even with daily usage. Not only do they look great, but they also feel amazingly soft and shiny. 

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Difference between Your Weft Extensions

Now that we’re clear on the fundamental differences between synthetic versus Remy hair. Let’s now talk in detail about the various weft hair extensions bobby glam offers. Plus its usage and benefits. And finally, which option is the best for you – a single weft, double weft set, triple wefted, a quad weft, or a classic full headset.

Single Weft Set

Single weft hair extensions are single layers of hair, meaning the weft is thinner than a double weft hair extension. So, if you’re someone who wants to have the additional volume to the hair without the bulky look, you should go for a single weft extension.

Each strand of hair in a single weft set is of various lengths, giving you the creative freedom to clip your hair however you want to. Single weft hair will also give your hairstyle more volume, length, and layers without making it look artificial. The best thing about single weft hair extensions is that they’re priced cheaply and are widely available.

Double Weft Set

As the name suggests, bobby glam’s double weft hair extensions are double drawn. Whereas single weft hair extensions help with length and give minimal volume. The double weft hair extensions give a full-bodied, glamorous look. So, if you’re someone who deals with thin, short hair and wants to add volume, double wefted extensions are the best option for you, especially if you have the required budget. Additionally, double wefted hair is thick and offers more hair; hence you don’t have to purchase as many strands as you would with single weft sets.

Quad Weft Sets

Quad weft sets have four strips of hair sewn together to make a single, thick weft. They’re the easiest way to add thickness, length, and volume to your hair at home without any damage. Usually, these extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and come in various lengths. Bobby glam hair extensions also offer various shades, from bleach blonde to highlighted blondes.

Full Head Hair Extensions

This type of extension is primarily used to add volume to the hair rather than length. If you’re someone who deals with thin hair, then a full headset hair extension is an excellent option for you. How many extensions you need is a matter of hair length and thickness. Usually, long hair requires around 150-200 hair extensions if your choice is a full head hair set.  All that’s left to do is clip each hair extension to your hair in layers. And go out looking fabulous.

Bobby Glam Hair Extensions clips

Why You Should Go For Bobby Glam’s Hair Extensions

There’s a reason why Bobby Glam hair extensions are among the best in the market with a cult following. Their extensions are even used by many celebrities because they are simple and easy to use. Bobby Glam hair extensions can be worn every day for years, and they would still look brand new. Bobby glam’s double weft hair extension is their most popular product because they offer more hair weightage, and the fewer clips do not cause any discomfort or scalp itching.

Many people’s review on Bobby glam’s hair extension is its impeccable quality because their weft sets are made from Remy hair which doesn’t cause tangles. The extensions can also be washed, styled, colored, and dyed without causing damage. The best thing about the extensions is that apart from offering more hair and looking silky, the wefts are thick from the bottom as well, unlike many brands.

A Spectrum Of Colors and Lengths

Presently, Bobby glam doesn’t have a wide variety of shades to offer. However, the shades available will work for most hair colors. The best thing about the extensions is that they don’t look unnatural. For instance, their blonde collection has great ashy and golden tones that look perfect on a warm summer day. The available lengths are 16-18” and 20-22”; this might not be too diverse, but it does cover most hair types.


So, if you want to go for a hair extension option that would last you years and make you look amazing, Bobby glam hair extensions are the best choice for you. Style and dye your hair however you like. Plus, you deserve to pamper yourself, so why not splurge a little on bobby glam’s hair weft hair extensions?

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