11 Best Electric Razor Every Women Should Own

If you are fond of using a single-use, disposable razor, perhaps reading this article is the sign you need to rethink if it is a wise decision.

Aside from environmental concerns brought by their disposable nature, it is also frustrating how their quality and bathroom shelf-life can be limited when it comes to shaving sensitive skin. Moreover, you might be spending more than what you are supposed to when buying disposable razors than electronic ones.

Best Electric Razor for Women

To help you gear your way towards a safer and better shaving experience, check out these razors for women well-recommended by experts.

If you use a dull razor, you face a risk of obtaining scratches and cuts, even with manual razors. It’s great that there are other options than stealing one, like waxing, lasering, or switching to an electric razor.

The best electric shavers for women have smooth-on-the-outside, sharp-on-the-inside perforated foil blades that are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. As a result of producing a dual-blade effect, these razors make it easier to remove hair from the root, which delays hair regeneration and increases the amount of time between shaving sessions.

And to help you make better choices, here are the best electric razors for women you can try to achieve that smoother, silkier skin.

Oui The People Straight Razor


Using Oui The People Straight Razor may give you that unusual feeling at first, but when you feel how smooth your legs are post-shave, you’ll surely use it regularly.

Oui Shave is a single blade that does the job without tugging on hairs or aggravating sensitive skin. The founder, Karen Youn, started the company with the goal of bringing back the art of shaving as a ritual.

This single-blade razor from Germany is made of stainless steel and only requires replacement after 5 to 7 shaves. What’s even better is that a ten-pack of blades will only cost you only of not more than $11. It’s an incredible deal, to be sure.

Meanwhile, if you’ve tried every razor already and nothing convinces you to use an electronic one, OuiShave’s The Single model is here to change your mind about razors ever. Even for those of us with the thickest of curls, this single-blade razor delivers a close shave without the normal hair-pulling and razor burn. Because it is available in matte black or rose gold, the Oui Shave razor is ideal for those who appreciate elegance.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a similar straight razor like Oui Shave’s, you can try Zomchi’s Safety Razor for Women that comes with 5 free blades.

Joy Razor

You can shave comfortably and smoothly with the 5-blade design of the Joy The Teal One Women’s Razor.

Notably, the razor’s 5-blade design helps in providing a comfortable shave for its users. The protective lubrastrip that comes with the Joy razor helps you achieve a smooth shave and prevents irritation.

You won’t have to worry about the razor’s blade hitting your foot when it falls, thanks to the non-slip handle. To add to the variety, it’s available in three different hues: soothing teal, feminine pink, and energizing yellow.

Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor

Each set of Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor contains 5 blades to give its users a long-lasting shave. It also has an ergonomic metal handle with an anti-slip grip for easy handle and full control.

gillette venus

What makes Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor more efficient is its refills the can fit all Venus razor handles. It also features a water-activated ribbon to produce moisture around the blade which helps protect skin from scratches and cuts. For more flexibility,  pivoting, rounded head hugs curves and fits easily into hard-to-shave areas

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Blades

gilette venus

If you are always on the go and you would like to bring a razor everywhere you go, we recommend that you take a look at Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Blades.

You can also put this convenient mini razor to your carry-on or gym bag, adding to its ergonomic design. This razor features Venus’s skin-saving moisture bars, and customers rave about how the short, strong handle provides for an ergonomically simple shave. It is also perfect for those who are into vanity and fairness.

Billie Razor Starter Kit

The high-quality blades in the Billie Razor Starter Kit compensate for the kit’s low price. They’re also taking over the world with their subscription-based approach. For a silky smooth shave, use the razors in conjunction with the charcoal shave soap, which has five blades.

Due to the fact that shaving is usually an everyday routine, the Billie Razor Starter makes it simple to obtain replacement heads by just ordering online and having them delivered right to your house.

This particular set includes a handy magnetic shower holder as well as a choice of five different blade colors. What a great way to get your business off the ground with this beginning pack.

Alleyoop All-in-One Portable Razor

Alleyoop All-in-One Portable Revolutionary Razor allows you to shave from nearly anywhere, even while traveling. For velvety smooth skin, this kit has a moisturizing bar comprised of shea butter, olive oil, and other nourishing ingredients activated by a water spray bottle.

In a nutshell, whether you forgot to shave your legs before a beach day or just want to get rid of a few underarm hairs that show up in your swimsuit, the Alleyoop All-in-One Portable Razor comes in handy.

Flamingo Razor

Hard-to-reach spots and curves can be a real pain to shave, but Flamingo razors make it so much easier, so give them a shot. Flamingo Razor got a weighted ergonomic handle and a flexible hinge that offer a close shave without putting too much strain on your face. The high-quality Swedish steel used in the razor blades is combined with a moisturizing strip to minimize friction when shaving.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Shaver

Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver boasts of its hypoallergenic flexible foil for delicate skin areas. These features ensure a close shave without any cuts, scratches, or irritation.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver kit contains a trimming comb, soft glide cap, and efficiency cap. It also has a slip grip and four interchangeable accessories. Philip’s top-rated electric razor is perfect for all skin areas, hard-to-reach places such as ankles, knees, underarms, and bikini lines.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Women's Electric Shaver

Pearl-tip trimmers on the foil device enable a closer, more equal shave while reducing the risk of irritation. The foil device can be used both wet and dry. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows for up to an hour of cordless operation.

This razor also gets a battery indicator light that appears whenever you are charging so you’ll be informed of its performance.

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Disposable Razors

No stigma here, women get facial hair too. If you want to get rid of your facial hair, you can rely on Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Disposable Razor. It is a great tool for cleaning up peach fuzz or tiny hairs near your brows or upper lip, and it’s also ideal for dermaplaning at home, if you’ve got the skills.

The high-quality blades have micro guards to protect your skin, but for best results use your favorite cream, gel, or oil to prevent cuts.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor

Do you love doing make-ups but hate those little hair nuisances on soA must-have in every grooming routine, the Schick Hydro Silk Perfect Finish Trimmer offers an extremely precise and close shave for your brow hair, facial hair, and bikini line.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor by Schick is an 8-in-1 razor that may be used for different shaving tasks. A face trimmer, brow comb and trimmer, bikini trimmer and comb, a touch-up disposable razor, and a cleaning brush are included in the multipurpose attachment ends. Each order includes a cosmetic bag to keep it all in.

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor

Simply speaking, the Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor shaves and cares for your skin. Rather than using typical shaving cream, these blades come pre-coated with a conditioning solid made of natural aloe vera and vitamin E that dissolves in water.

How to Find the Best Electric Razors for Women

Take time to reflect on these questions before you purchase an electric razor so you can find the one to match your needs.

What type of shaver do you prefer?

Electric shavers can be classified into two categories: Foil shavers, for example, have blade covers constructed of a thin, bent metal foil. The second is a rotary shaver, which conforms to your skin by using circular blades and having three round heads.

Is it Dry or Wet Shave?

Women’s electric razors with the most features can accomplish both. Using a high-quality shaving cream or gel and a dual-action razor decreases the chance of getting skin irritation.

If you plan on using it while away from home, make sure it is completely charged ahead. Wet/dry shavers, on the other hand, will not work while they are plugged in. As a result, they must be cleaned properly at all times as well.

Do you prefer Cord or Cordless?

While cordless razors offer convenience in terms of being brought and used anywhere, they must be recharged on a regular basis. While a corded razor will always provide you the most power, you’ll hate having to wind it up and put it away every time you use it.

Battery Span

Make sure that you have done enough pricing canvass before purchasing an electric razor because battery life is a big concern. Razors with longer battery life are obviously the better choice.

How much are you willing to spend?

Before buying, take note that women’s electric shavers are more expensive than manual razors. When it comes to manual razors, the less expensive the better. It makes sense to get a high-end electric razor because they are becoming increasingly popular among ladies.

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11 Best Electric Razor Every Women Should Own

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