Women’s Guide To Buying Best Combat Boots For Women

Winters are here- the favorite season for most people! Let’s be honest: women worldwide are already in the markets for seasonal shopping. All of them have a long list. That includes buying trendy scarves, trench coats, and beanies.

And we are sure you do too. But one thing that you should definitely add up to that list is the best combat boots for women

Because why not! Combat boots are quite a hype these days as they can be styled with almost everything.

You can style them with your favorite jeans or go for a super casual look by wearing them under sweatpants. They even make floral dresses look super hot. They simply make any attire look cooler.

In addition, these boots come in a wide variety for you to easily choose from. 

And not only this, they are super comfortable and make them ideal for wearing on multiple occasions. So whether you are dressing up for an evening walk or going on a fancy dinner, we assure you these shoes will never fail you. 

To convince you, even more, we have put together a list! Let’s check it out. 

How You Can Style Best Combat Boots For Women

Combat boots are shoes that you can pair up with almost everything you own in your closet. But with a mix and match, you can create unique looks and spice up the dress-up game a little as well.

On many occasions, we have seen celebrities rocking glamorous looks.

With the best combat boots for women, you can do that too. So follow these tips, and you can look as fabulous as the celebrities too! 

Looking to add a cool-girl touch to your attire? Adding a pair of combat boots with your denim can help you achieve the look.

We all adore Zendaya, so why not recreate her Valentino look? She wore her combat boots with an ankle-length statement coat, which she put over a stunning black leather bralette and paired with biker shorts. 

Are you looking for a feminine and rugged look for your office party? Try styling the boots with a playful floral dress. Not only this, you can always go comfy and stay stylish.

Our girl  Camilla Cabello does it the best. We have often seen her wearing black boots with cozy dresses and oversized jackets. Which gives off a cute cozy everyday look.

Going black head to toe has always been a fashion statement. And it never gets old. Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress, has recently uploaded her vacation looks on Instagram.

And most of them include her favorite shoe option: combat boots. For a stylish going-out vibe, pair a body-tight midi dress with tights and combat boots, as Sofia does. 

These are just a few of the looks we found exciting and chic! Other celebrities out there are flaunting their best combat boots for women this year. 

What Makes Best Combat Boots For Women

women posing

Combat boots are suitable for cold weather due to their warm and comfortable feel. In addition, they serve perfectly for trekking in snow due to their rubber bottoms. Cool and quirky designs are a plus point.

In addition, most boots are made of strong leather or suede, and many have double-stitched detail, which enhances their durability.

The best part is podiatrists approve combat boots. However, not all boots are designed equally and provide the same comfort.

If you suffer from foot conditions, you should look at these quick tips. These will help you buy the best combat boots for women according to your preferences. 

People with Bunions should look for combat boots with wide and open-toe boxes. Boots with narrow toe boxes cause pinching and discomfort.

As a result, it alleviates the pain of an existing bunion. A pair of best combat boots for women with stretchable upper, like suede or soft leather, would be the shoe for you.   

Wedged boots are the best option for helping plantar fasciitis as these boots have raised heels. Heel pain can be significantly reduced by using a heel counter.

People with flat feet generally have unstable feet. For this, they need to go with boots that are made with anti-pronation technology. Along with that, it would be a plus if they could accept insoles/orthotics.

To help reduce the pronation, opt for a rigid sole, arch support, and ankle length. 

Most women’s shoes have narrow toe boxes. Buying a men’s shoe in their size can serve as a good option for women with wide feet. In addition, lace-up boots can be better than those with a solid upper to accommodate higher arches or swelling feet.

Best Combat Boots For Women: A Mix Of Cuteness & Comfort

To make things easier and decisions less stressful, we have prepared a list of the Best Combat Boots For Women from different women’s boot brands.

So whether you want to buy high-heel combat boots or just the regular chunky combat boots, we have everything here.

Vionic Lani


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If you are a woman who craves comfort and style, Vionic Lani is the Best Combat Boots For Women.  These are podiatrist-approved go-to boots because of their intrinsic orthotic support built. 

They have a cushy insole alongside a zipper and rear pull tab for an easy wear for comfort. The comfortable yet trendy sole is the best part of these boots.

It’s lightweight yet provides solid stability on the ground and pavements. These essential contact points hug your foot’s natural curves and add to the comfort alongside style.

The boots are top-tiered when it comes to style and can be easily paired with all winter looks.

Steve Madden Beso

brown boots

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These sky-high combat boots will compliment your date-night outfit as well as any heeled shoe. You’re in for a treat because Steve Madden heels are known for their comfort. In addition, the boots are a hundred percent synthetic. 

If we talk about the style of these shoes, they have extra chunky soles. The round toe gives the front foot a spacious feel. It has a cropped-up lace-up shaft which makes it look stylish. These combat lug boots can be paired up with jeans or shorts. 

Forever Link Combat Boots

forever21 boots

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If you are a person on a budget These highly-rated military boots are an excellent option for people on a budget. You can choose from ten different suede colors, ranging from black to pink.

Its comfortable style will make you wear them with leggings regularly to complete your new fall uniform. Moreover, these boots are the best for people who want to stay eco-friendly. As they are manufactured from vegan leather.

Aldo Reflow


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If you’re looking for the comfiest combat boots, look no further. You can never go wrong with sock booties for everyday wear. Aldo Reflow boots are a fashion statement, modern, and on-trend. With their sleek leather finish and stylishly high heel, these boots are perfect for any event. 

They have a sleek, stretchy back panel that hugs your calf for a comfortable, secure fit. With their leather-lined interior, these boots are not only stylish but also comfortable. With Aldo Reflow boots, you can stay warm and stylish in any weather.

They have a padded insole for comfort and are lined with faux fur for warmth. The cozy trend is combined with the tough-girl combat boot in this combination. The green-khaki tone has a subtle, utilitarian vibe, and it pairs well with jeans.

Erocalli Platform Boots

erocalli boots

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Erocalli Platform Boots are perfect for your edgy style. These boots are the ideal choice for your wild nights out with friends. These boots are comfortable, trendy, and perfect for any night of the week.  

The exciting part about these shoes is the variety of colors it comes in. You can choose from ten different colors. 

Planning to dress up goth, these can fit for punk goth cosplay. These goth women’s knee-high combat boots have a zipper on the sides, a lace-up front, and buckles at the ankles. And the Chunky wedge heel combat boots will give you utter confidence. 

Dream Pairs Combat Boots

brown boots

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If you’re a biker chick with a rebellious side, these dream pairs of combat boots are for you. Made from durable leather and sporting a stacked heel, these boots will make your jeans look good, and your enemies fear you. Wear them with a classic band tee and a leather jacket for a tough but feminine look.

Along with all this, the side zipper makes it convenient to wear on and off without untying the boot comes with additional side zippers making it easier to put on and take off the shoe without untying the laces. Laces can be adjusted according to the size and fit perfectly. 

Blondo Mady Women’s Combat Boots Style

blondo black boots

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Stylish yet rugged, the Blondo Mady Studded Combat Boots are perfect for winter and go well with just about anything. With a waterproof and heat-resistant lining, these boots are perfect for all of your winter activities.

In addition, these boots will stay on and fit your warm feet with sexy laces and zippers on both sides. With a wide toe exposure, these are best for people who suffer from foot problems like Bunions or hallux rigidux.

These could be your next go-to best combat boots for women.

Sam Edelman Ankle Combat Boots

Sam Edelman Women's Lydell Combat Boot

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The Sam Edelman Leather Combat Boots Ankle Style is perfect for stylish and functional shoes. The classic design of these boots is made with premium leather, and the boots have a sturdy, comfortable sole.

The front zipper is a convenient feature, and the back zipper is both functional and fashionable. You can find these boots in multiple colors and sizes.

Its rigid leather makes it water-resistant, perfect for rain. So wear these boots without worry on your next rainy affair. 

Sorel Emelie II Lace Cargo Boots

sorel black boots

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Get updated with your latest fashion staples with the Sorel Emelie II Lace Women’s Combat Boot. The Sorel Emelie II Lace will quickly become your go-to boot to get you through any day, whether you’re going on a walk or living it up at night out.

The Emelie II Lace is available in three tones that will accent whatever you wear against to make it your new favorite pair of boots.

This women’s boot is constructed with a sturdy, waterproof leather upper and has a soft, sheepskin lining to keep your feet warm and dry. In addition, these have a slip-resistant sole, which is durable for walking on snow and ice.

Ecco Modtray Women’s Lace-Up Boots

black boots

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The Ecco Modtray Lace Up Boots are a great way to spice up your winter wardrobe. With a 3-inch heel, this boot is perfect for the winter months. The leather is crafted from smooth, full-grain leather making it soft and durable, and the rubber outsole using state-of-the-art ECCO TRAYTECH Technology will keep you safe from the cold.

In addition, the overall design is great for anyone who wants to get a customized fit. These boots are available in two classic colors maroon and black. 

Dr. Scholls Women Combat Boots

white boots

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These will be your next go-to boots for eco-friendly people, or one can say best combat boots for women—these tough but chic combat boots made with recycled materials and production reduce waste and water usage.   

It has an Anatomically cushioned footbed, making it comfortable to wear for long walks. In addition, they are lightweight and have a flexible outsole that adds to the comfort. 

Cobb Hill Amalie Lace Up Combat Boots 

brown boots

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Women with a bunion or other foot problems should consider buying these combat boots as they have long-lasting rubber soles. In addition, the rubber sole gives the boots a rigid and sturdy effect that keeps the feet in place and avoids flexibility to the front foot. 

It supports the arch with its one-inch heel. The upper leather makes the shoe breathable, and the wide toe box allows the toes to expand and have enough moving space. What makes it the best combat boots for women is its Eva footbed. 

Dr. Martens 1460 W Combat Leather Booties

black boots

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Women love to wear these original Dr. Martens boots with synthetic soles. In addition, the boots come with classic yellow stitching that adds to the style of the shoes. These ankle boots are super comfortable as they are air-cushioned. 

The sturdy sole makes it good with abrasion and slip resistance. Dr martens use Airways’ original signature leather, which gives it a firm, Shiny, and leathery touch to the boot. 

Pikolinos Vicar Military Girl Boots 

vicar black boots

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If you are looking for trendy, chic-looking traveling shoes. Pikolinos Vicar Zip Up Girl Military Boots are the best combat boots for women. Their soft leather design makes them stand out from the rest of the competition.

It has an extra soft sole with a lace-up design alongside a zipper. The studded details make the boots stand out. And the best part is the heel height is not more than 1.5cm which makes it easy for long walks.

The upper portion of the shoe is made of calfskin leather, and the inside is soft leather. These shoes won’t fail you in either; style or comfort. 

Frye Veronica Combat Boots

Frye Veronica Combat Boots

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The Fryes aren’t cheap. But there’s a good reason the brand has garnered such a dedicated fanbase over the years. Their boots are pure quality, well-made, and last a long time. Just a cursory glance, and you can tell these boots are well-made. And these brown combat boots for women by the Frye Store are no different.

They look delicate, rather than giving off a punk rock vibe. 

Moreover, They are super comfortable. You can wear and walk all day at work without facing any problems. Like other Frye boots, each pair looks a little different because of the markings and natural variations in the hide. However, what makes these boots different from others is the design. While it maintains some edge of the classic designs, it feels a lot less chunky.

Frye Veronica Combat boots indeed belong in your wardrobe if you are a fan of the classics.

Packing Your Cool Combat Boots The Right Way

We are sure you don’t want to damage your best combat shoes for women. But packing shoes for traveling or storing them on regular days can be challenging. You can’t just stuff them up as it can ruin the look and feel of the shoes. 

Combat boots are usually bigger and heavier and must stay in shape as much as possible. However, if you plan the packing carefully, there’s no way you can’t take your favorite ankle boots on the trip. 

It is necessary to pack according to your luggage. Therefore, it will be wise to get containers such as waterproof shoe bags or packing cubes. 

 Store the shoes closer to the wheels when using a rolling carry-on. Because while traveling it stands straight up. And faulty placing of stuff can cause an imbalance. 

And if you are not traveling and just storing them in a cupboard. It’s better to use washable shoe bags or reusable plastic shower caps. 

Now that you know where to keep the boots, let’s see how to position them.  

Packing position and other essentials

Firstly, to save more space inside the bag, Always place the shoe so that the heel of one shoe should touch the toe of the other. 

Secondly, maintaining the shape of the boots is important. You can buy inflatable boot shapers and keep them inside the shoes to maintain their shape. And if not, stuff up the boots with old newspaper or cloth pieces.  

Just a pro-tip, To make even more space, stuff up your boots with non-damaging items such as phone chargers, cards, and belts.

Final Word

The Winter season calls out ladies to shop for the trendiest scarves and trench coats. But, while you are at it, one may also be considering some trendy footwear that keeps your feet warm in the cold.

Combat boots are a staple in any closet. Whether you want to dress up for comic con and recreate a look. Or you want to go on a fancy first date. They can be paired with anything, dressed up or down, and in perfect cold weather.

This guide will help you find the best combat boots for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which women’s combat boots should I get?

While all of the options mentioned above are our favorites, your wardrobe will remain incomplete without Dr. Marten’s 1460 W Combat Leather Booties. These iconic 10-eyelet booties have air cushions in the soles and a massive 8 inches shaft. While the pair is also available in vegan leather, its durability isn’t as good as the originals.

Are Combat boots heavy for women?

Well, it depends. Most popular combat shoes for women range from 2 to 2.5 pounds (running combat shoes) and 4 to 6 pounds (tall boots). As you can see, tall boots (knee-high lace-up combat boots, in particular) can be a bit heavy for women, especially if you are not used to wearing them.

How can I break into my combat shoes?

The break-in process for combat shoes can take a few weeks. Begin with wearing your boots for short periods. Start by wearing very thick socks so that the boots’ leather warms up and stretches to mold the shape of your feet. Sometimes, applying a leather conditioner can also help soften the materials. If you want to break in quickly, use a hairdryer to warm up the leather. However, be careful as hot air can sometimes damage the leather. Use the lowest hairdryer settings to blow the air, then bend and flex. Take help from a cobbler if necessary.

What maintenance do combat boots require?

Genuine leather boots or combat boots with fur require special care. Protect them from moisture at all costs. Therefore, we suggest not wearing them every day. You also need a special leather cleaner to keep the leather shiny. Get any special leather cleaner from the market and follow the instructions on the package. You can also use a leather conditioner to keep the material soft and fluffy. In case you go for suede combat boots, ensure regular brushing to remove any dirt before cleaning with a suede cleaner.

Should my combat boots be tight or loose?

Your combat shoes should feel well snug around the instep of your feet and the ball. However, they should be flexible enough that you can flex your foot forward if you need to. Therefore, before purchasing the shoes, try on the pair. As most people have one foot smaller than the other, trying both shoes is the best strategy to make the most out of your purchase.

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