A Guide on How to Add that Instant Hollywood Glamour to Your Outfits

It’s that time of the year when you want to go all out, experiment with bold-colored outfits, and sport the brightest red lipstick to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn out. Yes, you want to attain that perfect old Hollywood look because ‘the weather will finally allow you to do so. Now is the perfect time to not worry about your make-up melting away or fixing that top-notch hairdo time and again. 

‘Tis the season to be jolly, mi amor!

Well, now that we have maintained that this is the perfect weather to put our Grace Kelly look on display, let’s hop on to the ways to achieve that old Hollywood look.

Hollywood style inspired outfits

How to Pull off that Hollywood Retro Look

Old Hollywood elegance is still a fashion inspiration for many of us. The divas’ sense of style has managed to woo us over for years. And now that we are at an age where we can replicate those iconic looks, what else to look back to than our forever favorites, Bette Davis, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

That era’s feminine aesthetics are ageless. Yet, the stars still manage to inspire most of the make-up, fashion, and clothes industry trends. 

Now that we think of recreating those looks, we feel discouraged. Even the thought of recreating that mamma mia looks daunt us. Without the right skills and make-up assistants to prep us up, we feel we’re out of luck. However, we’re here to tell you this is not as tricky as it appears to be. So read on to learn the tips for acing your old Hollywood fashion game.

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Tips for Old Hollywood Glamour Dresses

First things first, you won’t get it right on the first try. Practice makes it perfect, baby. It takes time and effort, but you will eventually get there. Don’t lose heart. 

Before you start, own your flaws and feel comfortable in your skin. That is how you will look your best. It would be best to acknowledge that each of us is different; we have different body shapes and features. It is not about reciprocating the entire look but seeing what looks best for you, your body, and your face. Attaining the old Hollywood look is all about highlighting your best features and finishing it up with a sensual smile.

Old Hollywood Fashion

Things that You Need

You need at least one fantastic attire that has a retro vibe or is similar to something the Hollywood starlets used to sport. In addition, it needs to be stylish. Period. 

If you can’t find one in your wardrobe, head to your mom’s or aunt’s house and ask them for a vintage dress, they wore at ball parties back when they were young. Then, pick one that will look best on you, a dress that will accentuate your unique beauty.

Now, find some underpinnings. First, of course, it is a given that you cannot put your a-game on without those puffy drooping shoulders. I mean, that’s the natural charm of those vintage Hollywood looks.

Protip: Get a good bra, pronto! You have to have a good bra that fits your body perfectly because we all dig for that oomph factor. Also, if you can, find a matching panty to go with it. You’ll feel more confident that way. 

If you’re not in the mood for a flowy, luxurious dress, you can always go for a suit with lace tops and stylish trousers to go with it. But, please don’t wear those shabby pants or ill-fitted trainers. You don’t want fashion to fail there. 

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Old Hollywood Glam Hair and Make-up

When has one perfected a look without a hairdo and on-point make-up to go with it? Never is the answer, my girls!

It would be best if you did something about the two to bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe. 

Hollywood Fashion

What will you need?

You can achieve an old Hollywood look with retro spiral curls and bold red lips with fur to go along, but a tiny bit of effort here and there will make it worth the struggle.

To achieve that flawless look, you need to keep your face all matte and make sure it looks porcelain. Don’t go overboard on that contour and the highlighter palette. Keep it as subtle as possible. Next, you need to top it up with that classic winged eyeliner. Plus, point, it’s all the rage even in the current times. Now that you have winged your eyelids, how about you bring the look up a notch with fake eyelashes. But, it would help if you kept them short, don’t go for the 3D ones. We have to maintain the 50’s vibe. 

It’s time to do the eyebrows now. You can’t just leave the look in the middle. The eyebrows need to be on-point as well. If you think they look bushy, then a little threading might be the best step to take. It would help if you made them look well-maintained. Now use that eyebrow pencil and give it a proper, evened-out shape. 

Finally, finish that look with sultry, bold red lips. Make sure you dab it out from the edges.

Ooh, this already sounds like a whole other deal in my head.

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Time for the Hairdo

Who doesn’t dig for those long, spiral curls or that hair tied in a bun like Audrey’s? All you have to do is wet your hair and let the hot rollers sit in them. Leave them there for an hour or two. Once you’re done, loosen those curls a little with a hairbrush. 

Audrey Hepburn in black dress holding a white cup

The Audrey Hepburn Bun

An old Hollywood look gets terrific with the Audrey bun. For this step, tie your hair in a high ponytail. Next, twist your dangling hair around the pony and make it into a bun. Now grab some bobby pins and place them at different points in your hair to keep the hair in place. Lastly, grab a chunky hair clip and place it in an upward position on the higher end of the bun. Voila, you have achieved that perfect Hepburn bun!

Time to Accessorize Your Look

Well, girls, you cannot just head out of the house without amping up your look with the perfect accessories.

So, you need one statement accessory (it could be those big chunky earrings, a statement handbag, a vintage turban, or those cat eyeglasses). Pick the ones that you like the best and attain your favorite retro Hollywood look.

Parting Thoughts

That wraps up our step-by-step guide for today. But, before leaving, we’d like to leave you with some words of wisdom. 

This guide shouldn’t be your holy grail. There are a plethora of ways to get the classic Hollywood glam look. You can always add your touch to these steps to highlight your unique features and sense of style. 

These are the ways that we have figured out over time. You can do yours. Look up your favorite Hollywood starlets and put them under a microscopic lens. See what they did and try to replicate it with your style.

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