How to Achieve a Timeless Look with Timeless Clothing

Sense of style does not come from blindly followed trends. A timeless look is attained by following a certain set of rules that fits fashion styles for women of all ages.

Timeless Fashion

Why is timelessness so important?

If you are someone like me who does not care for trends but lowkey gets affected by society, keep reading. Have you seen the women recently flaunting the wedding dresses of their mothers at their own wedding these days? Shouldn’t modern, feminine style clash with this ideology?

Apparently, not!

Their style stills works in the modern age because their generation had mastered the art of timeless fashion. Their outfits managed to look good decades later just because they were fluent in putting together classic outfits for women. 

We aren’t asking you to go cheap.

Timeless clothing is so not a penny-pinching DIY method for putting together elegant ladies’ clothing. But in actuality, it means to own pieces of clothing that work well no matter what the trend is in action. 

Wouldn’t you love to wear something that stays in fashion throughout?

Let’s face it, we cannot spend our entire life savings to drain it on trends that die down months or even days later. The famous Audrey Hepburn didn’t care for trends; she made them. So, let’s try to unlock basics to sophisticated yet chic dressing fit for YOUR body. 

Classic and timeless pieces of clothing

Wearing Clothing that Fits

Timeless fashion is the amalgamation of your personal style, body type, style inspiration, and heaps of confidence. This, together with minimalistic accessories and makeup tends to go a long way, no matter what age you wear it. Like previous Parisian women, learn to know what works on your body and highlight the positives. The following guide will let you know of basic rules you need to get started for your capsule wardrobe. 

Down to Basics

When in search of classic dresses for ladies, you need to keep flexibility in mind. A huge factor of timeless clothing is cantered on foundation pieces mixed and matched with a large part of your wardrobe. 

These include:

The all-time relevant button up

A fitted and oversized shirt to match alternate bottoms. These go great with pants as well as skirts and can be pulled off on both formal and casual occasions. 


A neutral cashmere sweater

Every rom-com movie has a girl getting her heart ripped in pieces in a neutral shade sweater. Such is the flexibility of this sweater that it fits every somber part of any movie. 

Just like that, get your hands on one ASAP. They go great plain tops. Such sweaters also aid in taming their own vibrant or flashy tops and help tie everything together.


Renowned Wide Leg Pants

No matter what body shape you have, this rock! For every boss move in life, these self-proclaiming pants will become a statement piece. 



You need to invest in an eye-catching wool coat/ trench coat, preferably in a neutral color. Not only will it match a large part of your closet, but it will also elevate whatever you wear underneath, achieving a chic look. 



Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur! They may be famous with Flo Rida. But are they timeless? NO 

Previous trends may have guilted you in buying rippled, ripped, bell-bottom and skinny jeans, but they don’t go well for every age. 

If you wish to seem classy, stylish woman, always have the basic colors for backup. The deep blues, black, and preferably a charcoal grey. 


A decent turtleneck

They go great with dress pants or oversized coats. Get your layering in tune, and you are set to impress!



These are always in fashion. Get plain ones both in oversized and fitted sizes, and the possibilities for your outfits become endless. Make sure it is not see-through. Though no hard and fast rules, girl, rock what you can. 


Accessorize the right way 

Simple hoops and studs go a long way. When going for chic style clothing, have a variety of simple jewelry at hand. A choker, necklace, studs, hoops, anklet, and the timeless watch are must-haves. 

‘Remember Who You Are!’

It is a shame if you don’t remember these words by Mufasa, who took the trouble of descending from heaven to say these. 

Wear whatever, whenever if you wish to rule the world. However, paring the right items together is tricky and can be overwhelming for some. 

Our two cents?

Power through, don’t go too overboard, and try to highlight your personality through your pickings. 

Trendy Turnovers

What a time to be alive, where we choose to be sheep when we can be at the top of the food chain. Trends are like the seasons; they come and go. Imagine throwing money in a statement piece only to lose its worth after a few months.

‘But trends come back!’

Tiffany doesn’t even start. Trends are based on fast fashion. Those frilled balloon sleeves may look the hot pick now. Wait a few months, and people will have you comparing with the clown in ‘IT.’

A timeless style is based on the foundation of pieces that can be mixed and matched for a long time to come. If you have the extra cash, then go Gaga by all means. But always invest in pieces that will look effortlessly flawless on you even 20 years from now. 

Timeless Style Fashion

Don’t let this world dictate what to wear!

Following trends religiously will only result in you having random pieces of a puzzle that will never fit together. Not now, not ever! We are not asking you to be a nun of fashion and avoid all things that glitter. What we aim to achieve is to create a look that showcases your personality while being fashionably relevant in the time to come.  

‘Will they accept me?’

Never let the other party decide that. Classic women’s clothing does not orbit around other people’s approval. For the weak-willed individuals out there, here is our advice. Match your outfits with how you feel on a particular day. Feeling confident? Match bold pieces together. Feel like a star-crossed lover, that turtleneck may look like underneath an oversized coat. 

Thy Silhouette 

Don’t come at me for this, but we don’t always stay the same shape or size.

What then?

Hear me out, okay? I promise I am not a ‘Karen.’ A timeless wardrobe is going to stay with you for years to come. In order to keep a constant classic style, your entire silhouette must fit well. 

So, there was a trend comeback, but the outfit seems to be of a poorer fit for the present time? What a pickle to be in.

‘What should I do then?’

Balance it out! Fitted and oversized outfits have gained and lost popularity over the decades, and they will keep fluctuating. Keep the right balance of fit and loose in mind when putting an outfit together, and you are good to go!’

Whether it is a classic casual style or a formal pick, dressing for your body must accentuate your figure and fits through the right picks and proper layering. 

Stylish and timeless women

Classic Yet Chic

The well-known loafers for day-to-day chores, the pointy-toed ones for those important meetings, are examples of classic clothing. 

What we mean to say is, timeless women never run out of staple items. These fit well with most outfit picks.  Moreover, they ought to be the base on which you can create an outfit. 

You will never hear a timeless woman complain of not having anything to wear. Their outfit formula works on coding their staples the right way. 

A healthy tip?

Snap pictures of pieces of clothing that worked together in outfits. This way, you can work around them and create newer looks. 

It is all in the Details 

Timelessness is not based on brands or runway picks. You are not other people, so why dress like them? Makes sense?

It is the way you carry the outfit and pairs it together. Every aspect should scream of your personality.  Tailor your entire look on what type of body you own, and then OWN that look. When you pair this factor with time and place, you will automatically end up with a head-turner. 

DO you, but don’t overdo it. Details like the way you tuck in your shirt, fold your sleeves, or shoe styles have the power to influence your entire look. That oversized T-shirt clearly could have been a head-turner. But, instead of tucking it in cutely, you decided to look like Dobby from Harry Potter, who wears a white pillowcase. 

Final Thoughts

Our fashion style guide states to stick to what you know and are comfortable with. To get into classy, feminine outfits, you do not have to step out of your comfort zone entirely. We want you to rule the world and flaunt a timeless style. Wearing something just because others wear it is derogatory. The world is full of hungry wolves ready to come at your accomplishments. Be comfortable, feel confident, and wear clothing that fits the real ‘YOU.’

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